Discouraged’ By Racism, Idris Elba Won’t Be Playing James Bond


Once again bullying works. When our culture is attacked one must never let up and never give in.

When people consider who should play James Bondafter Daniel Craig is done with the role, Idris Elba’s name has probably come up more than any other. Everyone from the studio chiefs to Chris Hemsworth has backed the actor as a prime candidate to play the next 007.

Now, however, it’s looking very unlikely he’ll ever play the part. The actor feels disheartened at the number of people who say he can’t be Bond for one prejudiced reason: Because Ebla is black. “James Bond is white,” those people say, never mind that several people have also floated the idea of a female Bond.

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Nah that’s just the excuse. People hate the tranny drag queen shit yet they still do it. What makes this different? Probably they know the movie would bomb.

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What a fucking joke. This nog shouldn’t even be anywhere but a mud hut in apefrica.

Craig should drink his black tears shaken, not stirred.

Better make Bond a woman then! They’ve already got a woman Doctor Who.

I don’t want a black James Bond or female Thor or a male Wonder Woman or a drag queen as Superman unless they’re all together in a Godzilla movie and Godzilla steps on them.