Disgusting 11th hour ploy by Democrats



The man has kids… when will the military protect us from these people, Democrats


lol whatever it takes, we are winning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FmPg4lrBKc




dude they are on our side, the deep state made sure of that, we are in charge now, get used to it, this nation now belongs to the people, oh excuse me the left, we are back in charge




…and expectedly, it’s a secret letter from an anonymous source about an incident that may or may not have happened 40 years ago when Kavanaugh was in High School.

Give me a fucking break!

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


What a perfect example that democrats in Congress are off the rails. :roll_eyes:


Per the New York Times, Diane Feinstein first received the letter in July, after it had first been given to a local democratic congresswoman.

There’s two avenues here:

  1. If this isn’t a credible allegation, it’s pretty sleezey move by Feinstein (not the most outrageous move DC has ever seen)
  2. If there is some credibility to the allegation, it should indeed have been refered to the FBI. That actually puts the FBI in a bit of a tough spot because their job is indeed to investigate crimes but technically the White House is a client of the FBI.


Disgusting indeed , a smear of the highest levels ! Made up sexual allegations of 30 years ago , REALLY ??
Edward Moore Kennedy was an American politician who served in the United States Senate from Massachusetts for almost 47 years, from 1962 until his death in 2009. A member of the Democratic Party.
On the evening of July 18, 1969 KILLED Mary Jo Kopechne . Fatass Ted did not report the accident to the police for ten hours; Kopechne died inside the fully submerged car. The next day, the car with Kopechne’s body inside was recovered by a diver. Ted severed 40 MORE years as senator without missing a beat .


The link says that the individual who wrote the letter has declined to press the matter further so I’m unclear what the FBI can do with it. Republicans have no plan to delay confirmation. Maybe someone should write a similar letter about Feinstein, accusing her of sexual misconduct back in high school (during the Stone Age), and smear her the same way.


We’re not going to convict people of mistakes they made as adolescents in high school.


If you’re looking for precedent on stories like this, see Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas


Anita Hill testified and made her stupid allegation public. Feinstein is using an anonymous person to knife Kavanaugh in the dark.


Anita Hill testified AFTER Thomas was confirmed, but they were anonymous allegations during his confirmation hearing.


We don’t even have Obama’s birth certificate but 11th grade make out sessions


The hearing was reopened and Anita Hill testified BEFORE he was confirmed, not after. The person in the letter has said that she doesn’t want to pursue the matter so she won’t testify at all.


When will the military protect us from Democrats?


Anita Hill was total made up bull shit. The most dangerous thing to the American socialist cause is a black, southern, constitutional conservative sitting on the supreme court. Thomas, IMO is the most intelligent jurist on the court. It is terrifying the democrat party that the black conservative movement is rapidly growing and the Trump approval ratings by blacks is increasing rapidly.

Many are starting to realize that the johnson “war on poverty” and “great society” was nothing more than a scheme to destroy black families and make them dependent on government, thereby insuring the democrat party a block vote. President Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into that gig. The fireworks will get even worse when the democrats again get shocked in November. I’m old enough to have seen it all as it took place.