Disgusting 11th hour ploy by Democrats


Good luck he won’t answer to facts


Get your running shoes on as the chase is on.


It’s off topic. Folks here take issue with that. Until now, it seems they want to pursue off topic subjects. And I’m not your boy. Seems you need to read the forum rules.



And how is it that you would know that Freedom?


Lmao, and how the hell would you know that when he never expresses an opinion???




Kavanaugh will be the ninth Supreme in time, and he won’t forget this ‘high tech lynching 2.0’ anytime soon.


Of course, with new senate rules only requiring a simple vote to confirm a nominee, no doubt. Your second comment is odd. Does Kavanaugh have a penchant for holding grudges. Do we need to be worried about that when he’s on the bench?


I suspect he’s beyond acting on such memories, but who could forget this treatment?


Well that suggests it’s a given that Ford has completely made up a slanderous sexual assault claim from whole cloth. Objectivity requires you to be agnostic.


Pussy… boy


Useless personal insulting, off topic, rules violating post, flagged.


Ahhhh haaaaa hahahaha. :laughing:…he flagged u for calling him a pussy​:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well that’s the point, and likely the reason that she’ll be testifying about it on Monday.


You’re suggesting somebody make up an accusation against senator Feinstein??


Why not you do it to republicans


It’s obvious that the accusation against Kavanaugh is made up.

I could just as easily write a letter that claimed that Diane Feinstein and Ruth Bader Ginsburg gang raped me at a party in 1953…when I was 10 years old.

Both of them were 20. I still have nightmares.

Neither one of them would remember being there.


Sounds anti-simetic…


Hopefully you have forgotten the act too.