Disgusting 11th hour ploy by Democrats


I love how trump is like yup, Democrats you go right ahead and ask questions that will destroy you in the mid terms… you Democrats are getting fucking played haha


Jeff Flake said this morning he would have voted no had the vote been this week.


We don’t neeed a flake haha

Democrats are going to destroy them selves Monday, she was hired and pushed by the deep state she had to delete her entire social media, she was offered money to do this… she won’t show up Monday… it will destroy her career


Did any one offer you money to testify: yes
Did you take the money : yes.



Someone made a good point yesterday, I think: If one truly believes these charges, then one should favor impeachment charges being set forth.

After all, it does seem rather strange to say that Brett Kavanaugh is morally unfit to sit on the Supreme Court, yet is entirely fit to sit on the DC Circuit (which is next to the Supreme Court, in authority).


Hey I stole 2 six packs of beer from a 7-11 when I was 15. never got caught. Sue me.


Today it was found that both ford and her attorney funded by the soros organization. Any U conservatives surprised??


That’s why she won’t testify, she’s getting paid… she was in collusion since august with Soros …he paid for the lie dector test. She’s a fraud


Nope, Turning this over to the FBI for investigation.


Senator Dianne Feinstein , who held from public view the letter from Christine Blasey Ford detailing an accusation against Donald Trump ‘s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh , told reporters today she cannot say “everything’s truthful.”

Speaking to Fox News reporters, Feinstein said: “No one called her, or called her lawyer. My understanding is she got emails. I have no say. I’m the lead Democrat so this is all up to the Republican side.”

“I can’t say everything’s truthful,” Feinstein added. “I don’t know.”

The statement, given to Fox News and first reported on Twitter by reporter Chad Pergram , included her observation that the alleged incident has had a long-term, “profound” consequence for Ford.


Liberal white women are so sexually frustrated lol she was probably fantasizing about this Republican strongman


Democrats can favor impeachment all they want but they won’t get him removed even if they win back both houses. He can only be removed if he’s convicted by 2/3 of the senate. Same goes for impeaching Trump. Democrats will never ever get a super majority in the senate and Republicans will vote against conviction.


Has Kavanaugh said that he even knows her and, if not, is there any witness who can attest to the two of them ever meeting? Maybe she was drunk that night and was fantasizing that one of her male partners was kavanaugh.


When will you answer the question!?


Yes of course, he said he remembers her as Christy however.


He’ll be dealt with by Mueller, primaried by his own, defeated by the democrats or not even run for a second term. Do nothing congresses spend money, that’s all they get done, and it’s the one thing they are readily bipartisan on. Just look at the record spending bill Trump signed this spring.


Hello are you going to ignore direct questions?


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The topic is the Democrats and their 11th hour ploy…not Donald Trump.


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