Disgusting 11th hour ploy by Democrats


The refusal of the Republicans to consider Garland was done under the Biden Standard which says that no SCOTUS nominee should be considered during a Presidential Election year. It had nothing to do with the nominee.

Like the reduction of majority votes required to confirm a nominee, this standard was instituted by the Democrats…and it too came back to bite them in the ass.


Lets continue my thought to conclusion … shall we…


Oh… you mean Biden was wrong after all?


They’re all going to vote against him anyway. The demand that they have all the documents is nothing more than a stall to see if they can get to the confirmation vote after the mid-terms…all in the hopes that the blue wave materializes and they take back the Senate.

They have already announced that if Kavanaugh is confirmed before the mid-terms and they do take back the Senate, they are going to try to impeach him.

What a bunch of anti-American assholes the Democrat Party has become.


Let’s reiterate mine, shall we. It’s about Trump trying to put a permanent stamp on an already right leaning court.

Advise and consent, NOT resist and obstruct.


Biden was saying something a tad bit different, but Schumer and McConnells rules changes do nothing towards bi-partisan politics. They’re just ruining things.


You mean like Joey Biden did in 1992???


You mean like Obama adding 2 progressives to the bench?

And why should Trump do anything but counter the progressive court with a right leaning court.

Timing is everything.


What the SCOTUS needs is judges that uphold the Constitution without bending it to meet the whims of either party.

All judges (including SCOTUS justices) should be CONSTITUTION SAVVY and offer opinions based solely on the laws that are in compliance with rules laid out in the Constitution and that are applicable to the case being considered.

Judges should not legislate. They should JUDGE according to law and the Constitution as it exists…not what they think it should be.

There should be no left or right, liberal or conservative…concerning the court.


\You mean Reid who changed the rules to push progressive judges???


He’s already been told that FACT.

Funny how facts don’t mean anything to Trump haters.


It’s all about the headlines provided by the MSM.

Little fact most for impact


And for 293 days, McConnell refused to even hold a vote to advise and consent for the presidents nomination. A complete abuse of the letter and spirit of the constitution. Now, both democrats and republicans have contributed to the further demise of American politics!!!


Good for him, it was his job


Nothing in the constitution requires him to hold a hearing. Not holding a hearing is the majority’s advice that they don’t consent. But that’s nothing like the three ring circus that Democrats staged for kavanaugh’s hearing or the me-too lynch mob who think women have a right to be believed but men do not. Republicans should stop coddling Ford and tell her to either show up for the hearing or STFU.


It’s all bullshit from both party’s. Advise and consent, do not resist and obstruct. A president has a constitutional right to nominate a candidate that congress is obliged to confirm or not. If congress isn’t, then let’s just watch the political circus expand. Let’s leave multiple vacant seats and obstruct presidents from seating justices.


Yes, I agree with that…


Walkawaymovement# nice


This guy gets it.


…or the paid screamers from the gallery who got thrown out and then went straight to the liberal paymaster to collect their incentive-$$$$.