Disgusting 11th hour ploy by Democrats


It doesn’t speak to that. Kellyanne supports a congressional hearing where she can be heard. It’s up to the individual senators whether or not Mrs. Ford’s testament is credible, or not.


That has been debunked on many news shows. but even if true… that does not mean a thing. It is irrelevant since if they were not here, they would obviously be commiting ZERO crimes against Americans

THAT is what is relevant


yeh, that is exactly what I thought from the beginning. Some lib came to this woman and said “You have to be willing to fabricate and lie because we have to keep the right to kill our children.What is a little lie (the lib says) against THAT?”


But that’s not going to happen, Americans are addicted to the benefits of our porous borders and businesses large and small depend upon it. That’s why through administration after administration, republican and Democrat alike, the border has not been secure. That is why republicans won’t fund Trump’s wall. :wink:


So we should get rid of the untited part of our name because we don’t stand untied thru the bad times?


and campaign for president


Susan Collins just said that if Kavanaugh has lied about this that it would be disqualifying. She wants to observe Dr. Ford testifying under oath she said.


Not sure what that means.


We are United States of America, you are
Saying because we use slave labor from Mexico this is good, so we are no longer united we are more global for survival?


Do you have evidence to support that this happened?


Well, I didn’t call it “slave” labor. But yes, part of the issue is globalization and the free flow of labor, capital and goods, verses the impediment of borders.


LOL as it that makes a difference.


oh don’t get me wrong I think she’s batshit crazy. just pointing out that it’s not all democrats saying this accusation should be investigated.


Well when foreigners come from countries that 7$ an hour is huge money back home in Mexico, and it destroys American wages for Americans then we aren’t doing a service to our people, especially if these people aren’t investigating in America, it means you enjoy Americans hurting, and against being United States. I’m for a referendum on that question.


I’m not advocating anything. I’m just telling you that our border has always been porous and always will be. Too many Americans, left and right, benefit from it.


Kavanaugh said that, from his experience, he thought Congress should relieve the President of being investigated while in office. He obtained experience in investigating Clinton so his view is non-partisan. He didn’t remotely suggest that the court could or should relieve the president of the burden. As a constitutionalist, he will apply the law as it stands not (like a Democrat) bend the law to suit his views.


Porous? That is a generous word considering never in our time 3/4 of El Salvador is in America, or 3 quarters of Mexico… if you support the United States you would support its poor and its unemployed. Not destroy it futher


we have people living under bridges but we are supposed to take in people from other countries? (and people who have no respect for our border, no less)


WTF is this thing?


Debra Katz, the attorney for the woman who has stepped forward as writing a letter alleging sexual misconduct by Judge Brett Kavanaugh when they were both high school students …

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