‘Diversity’ is Anti-White Racism


Ash Sharp Editor Editors Note: At RSN we've hit the ground running with a series of commentary about white people and their place in the world. While our intent is to cover the political world in all its shades and cover as many topics as possible, it seems to be that this particular topic is a hot-button with the early contributors. A short while ago I published a series of articles exploring the roots of Neo-Marxist thought and the relation it bears to anti-European bigotry we encounter in the media at large. The first of these is republished below. Enjoy!

How did it come to pass that the political left turned into a segregationist movement?

Our tale begins with grasping one key concept. Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality and Socialism form today what we can comfortably label as Neo-Marxism. If you’re still fumbling around in the dark denying that Neo-Marxism exists, please, read on. It’s going to be a wild ride. Through this article, I will deconstruct the logic of Neo-Marxism, and show you how to defend against it.

I will reiterate this for the hard of understanding later, but criticising racist Neo-Marxist Theory is not an endorsement of the Alt-Right. Nor is it racist to do so. I utterly reject racism, and I would hope that you do too.

“All races have the right to exist, but only white people are openly discriminated against when we stand up for that right, lawfully I might add. If this issue is not addressed, we are on the cusp of a full-blown white civil rights movement.” A.B

Neo-Marxist theory leads to an abuse of Intersectional Theory. neither Marxism or Intersectional Theory is extreme in essence. They are forms of critique, that have become weapons in an ideological war. This war has been so far fought solely by leftist ideologues, fueled by Frankfurt School-inspired indoctrination and employing Alinskyite tactics. Their opponents have submitted like Hindu cows. Why? Because for many years, the totalitarian threat to freedom came from the religious right, not the so-called liberal left.

“Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out.” ~Anita Sarkeesian, displaying her programming in the clear.

In the UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States in particular, we have become afraid of taking an ethical point of principle and applying it to race. Perversely, as the Neo-Marxists have deployed critical theory on everything, the counter from the centre has been to capitulate. For fear of being labelled racist, sexist or Islamophobic: the centre has given up. The lack of belief in true liberal values has spread wide. Many people now do not understand what Liberalism is, let alone that it is one of the greatest concepts in human history- imperfect thought it surely is. Without a whimper, we are forgetting what truly made our nations great. That the market should be free. That we understand life, liberty and property are the supreme values of law and authority.

That no one should be discriminated against based on arbitrary factors over which one has no control.

We must recognise that more kids in Universities understand Intersectional Theory than understand Liberalism. Indeed, this year has seen Neo-Marxists equate Liberalism with white supremacy itself.

A Subversion of Western Values

In place of these Western liberal values, Neo-Marxism has spread through schools, universities and social and legacy media. The concepts of oppression, intersectionalism and even overt demands for socialist government are widespread. Were it not for the duplicitous and underhand dealings of the Democratic National Convention in the USA, we might well have seen a run-off between socialist Bernie Sanders and populist Donald Trump for the Presidency. Unbelievable, that the Liberal tradition (meaning in American parlance the Democrats AND the Republicans) could only toss up Hillary Clinton as a candidate. This is a damning indictment of the system as a whole.

In previous times the Left/Right dichotomy in democratic nations has been a process of balance. One side achieving hegemony should be frightening to all with a moderate grasp of politics. You might imagine the process as that of a swinging pendulum. The pendulum swings this way and that over the years, sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly. But it swings, and the momentum of the swing is the conflict between the governing party and the opposition, the friction of ideological difference in service of the people.

So goes the theory.

But today the Neo-Marxists cannot be reasoned or negotiated with. they’ve shown us they don’t care about balance; or values for that matter. Whether the field of debate is race, or gender, or religion- the Neo-Marxist is never, ever satisfied with the response from society at large or you in particular. The Neo-Marxist is a revolutionary. The demands are simple. All they want is more control, over every aspect of society. There are no bad tactics- only bad targets. For your entertainment, it is on the tactics deployed by Neo-Marxists that I write on today.

Curious in the extreme is the adoption by Neo-Marxists of Orwellian doublethink when it comes to the topic of race.

Imagine if I were to say the following.

Let me state, emphatically, that I do not hate black people. Quite to the contrary, I love black people. I just hate what black people have done and continue to do to White bodies, to White words, to White thoughts and White appeals and White feelings.

This reads like something from The Daily Stormer. In fact, it is from an article on Medium. I have merely switched the races around to prove a point.

This is fine and not racist.

The capitalisation of Black and the lower case ‘w’ in white is deliberate also- an implicit but subtle signal of one’s racial supremacy. I love my Blackness. Your whiteness is toxic. This is a dog-whistle.

Our author Joel Leon isn’t done there. he continues:

In other words, race is a simultaneously a social construct and real at the same time. The logic is illuminated within this sentence screen capped above. At the start, race is not real. By the end, race exists. It depends on which point the writer wishes to make as to which concept is real at that moment.Race is wished into existence to serve ideological goals.

For example, race is a social construct. So, white people is a construct to which we can ascribe certain qualities; whiteness -oh, excuse me- Whiteness, is a role to be played. The role that Whiteness plays in this psychodrama is whatever the writer wishes to rail against that day. Police brutality, economic inequality, black-on-black crime; all can be laid at the feet of Whiteness.

It is this concept that enables an Asian woman to sell a course to White people about getting rid of those dastardly racist Thetans that are clogging you up. Imagine how awful it must be to be a White person. Toxic, indeed.

When it suits writers like Joel Leon, he can switch to his other definition of race. As race isn’t real, but it exists, this is the sophist’s way of saying; race is real. This is not meant in the way, for example, a forensic scientist might understand race being real. This is to say, that the races are different in character. One is innately different from the other.

This is race realism, perpetuated by people who want to punch Nazis.

I asked Mr Leon to explain what he meant, and I received the following response.

This I find highly illuminating about the mindset of a Neo-Marxist Race Realist. Duplicity in thought is fine. What you might consider cognitive dissonance is accepted, so one can logically say race is real and a construct simultaneously.

As someone who is not a Neo-Marxist, I reject this concept of race utterly.

When we reject the central conceit of racism- that one race is superior to another- then, as people of principle, we must also defend that definition. The Critical Race Theorists say:

“[Critical Race Theory] recognizes that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture.”

For America, we can now substitute any other English speaking nation, Western Europe and some parts of South America. The prevailing narrative is that this is so. The truth is always a runner-up in such circumstances- and this is where Classical Liberalism has failed- or rather, has been failed. We have allowed Critical Race Theory to become dominant in universities and schools because we are afraid of being called a racist if we oppose it.

Don’t you agree that black people are oppressed? Racist. Don’t you feel white guilt? Racist. Do you criticise multiculturalism? Racist. Do you value your own culture? Racist and a liar, White people have no culture. The only culture White people have is that which they appropriate from people of colour. It has become so normalised that Whites cannot experience racism that on Medium, posts like this are commonplace.

We should not be concerned with people liking to associate with people like themselves. This is natural. I understand that we like being around people like ourselves. I would say that race is the least important aspect in a healthy level of tribalism- the in-group feeling of belonging that all humans seek out and crave.

Language, culture, ethics and shared goals all feed into our in-group preferences. For example, I have much more in common with a Black or Asian person from the village I grew up in than I would with a direct blood relative who grew up in Japan and speaks no English.

We also exhibit bias on a biological level for people who look similar to ourselves. The effect of this bias in the real world? It appears minimal. If we take the example of police shootings as a metric (I find this to be particularly useful as it is not laboratory or survey-based) a white person, per capita is more likely to be shot by police in the USA. Why? Well, it would appear that culturally the police have overcome any historic racism when gunning down citizens. Though the study did find that black people are more likely to experience non-lethal force during arrest — with (Hispanics and Blacks 50 percent more likely) White suspects in situations where guns are fired are more likely to be shot than other races.

If I were a Neo-Marxist, I would argue the following counterpoint.

Minorities are more likely to be beaten by cops, so that means that they are oppressed by a White Supremacist System. Whites being shot more often by cops might mean that we are having a positive effect with our activism against police shooting minorities, so we should carry on with that. #BLM. White people don’t need guns to kill Blacks, just look at Eric Garner. #ICantBreathe. Also, Whites not catching hands from cops is a clear example of White Privilege.

I have tried to steel man this position as concisely as possible. I think it should appear familiar to you if you have engaged with these social justice advocates. The narrative from Neo-Marxists is that Black people are murdered by the state because the state is racist.

In the USA between 2011 to 2013, 38.5 percent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. This figure is three times higher than the 13% black population figure. Black males aged 15–34, who account for around 3% of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of these crimes.

The narrative collapses as soon as one pays attention statistical evidence. This is why the Neo-Marxists will also lay claim to nebulous concepts as ‘lived experience.’ It is quite correct that I, as a white, straight British male will never know the lived experience of a Black female from Guam. But she cannot know mine either.

The Neo-Marxist demands that phenomenology, the study of experience and consciousness, be categorised and utilised in the same way as data and statistical evidence. So, an opinion that France is a rape culture or that Blacks are victimised by the police is a fact and the evidence that disproves such fancy is products of White Heteropatriarchy.

How about… no?

It should come to the surprise of no-one that the response to identity politics entering every facet of life has been for more identity politics, in the shape of the furthest extreme of the Alt-Right. Identity politics is fine until those toxic Whites want to play.

I do not wish for one moment to provide credence to the Hard Alt-Right or White supremacists by pointing these things out. I wish to illuminate for you dear reader that the far right is far less of a threat than the left would have you believe. While the far right tie themselves in knots about the Jewish Question and the ins-and-outs of how to make an ethnostate, the Neo-Marxists are already teaching our kids. I do not suggest that the far right go unopposed. I do suggest that we consider critically how the media builds boogeymen about Nazis to further their own agendas.

In any case, these particular culture warriors deserve an article of their own, so we’ll move on.

I can come to no other conclusion that as part of an overarching desire to subvert the dominant paradigm of Western culture, Neo-Marxists have embraced racism. It is a racist ideology. There can be no other conclusion. At the same time, we are told that White Supremacy is everywhere, but Whiteness is toxic. If that is so, it seems quite strange that so much greatness has come from European origins. I suppose that advanced technology, culture, music, art and politics are all aspects of oppression. Somehow. If only it wasn’t for those terrible White people.

In the service of diversity, we have reshaped our societies. A non-racist and liberal society has no desire to discriminate against people based on their race. Liberal society has allowed the growth of the cancer of Neo-Marxism to take place without critique- proving that Liberalism is inadequate to defend Liberalism.

We cannot say that racism is over in the West while we persist with diversity quotas, so-called positive discrimination and affirmative action. Diversity is not our strength if it is an ideological tool for social engineering, leaving us paralysed by doublethink and a crippling lack of self-awareness.

Diversity, as it is understood by liberalism, is a diversity of opinions.

Diversity, as it is understood by Neo-Marxism, is Anti-White bigotry.

And I can prove it to you.

Neo-Marxists are concerned with colonialism. Cultural appropriation, the influence of ‘Western Imperialism.’ The same people demand open borders in countries that they live in so that more diversity can occur. The concept that this leads to the understanding that non-white is better than white because to be white is to be privileged, and thus bad. If reverse racism does not exist, can we call this reverse colonialism?

Neo-Marxists also demand incredible scrutiny of White history while lionising non-White history and whitewashing (pun intended) the uncomfortable parts of it away. What do you mean, Islamic slave trade? How dare you.

A double standard that persists to this very day is the demand, through Privilege Theory, that the sins of slavery in the Americas that took place over 150 years ago be visited on all Whites still alive. The very real occurrences of slavery in the modern era, endemic across parts of Africa and Asia, is hand-waved away through the use of Cultural Relativism. All cultures are equal in the eyes of Neo-Marxists, but Western Culture is just the worst.

Remember, all the good parts of Western Culture were appropriated. All the bad parts of Western Culture are things that you must atone for, personally.

This is a Kafka Trap. It is impossible to win against the Neo-Marxist by allowing the Neo-Marxist to frame the discussion. This is what has led to Apple’s Head of Diversity having to apologise for saying that a room full of white people can be diverse, based on their experiences.

The Neo-Marxists cannot allow such heresy to stand, even when it is objectively true and even conforms to Neo-Marxist ideology. The only problem with her statement was to use the example of White people. A room can be diverse when it is filled with Black women. It cannot be diverse if filled with White men. The implicit statement is that White men are somehow… Untermensch.

This is Anti-White. This is what underpins the vast majority of this ersatz intellectualism from the Left. A Neo-Marxist, racist ideology that divides nations, peoples. The proponents of this ideology are Anti-White, the same as Neo-Nazis are Anti-Jew. The singular problem for liberal society remains that we are unable to confront the Neo-Marxists in the same, effective way that we have confronted Neo-Nazis.

While we talk about Free Speech and Hate Speech and the line between, remember that Antifa and other Neo-Marxist groups are also racists. They are Anti-White. Witness the abuse doled out to any Person-of-Colour who dares rebel.

It’s not OK for Larry Elder to be a conservative. It’s not OK for you to think the wrong way. Or you will be called a racist and ostracised. In a piece on Harvey Weinstein, I mentioned Sargon’s Razor:

We should always remember that those who make character judgements about their opponents based on nothing are usually guilty of that flaw themselves.

The Neo-Marxist is a bigot of the worst kind. Resist them at all costs. Demand that these people accept that they are the racists. Their ideology hinges entirely on Anti-White bigotry.

Ironic, that a prominent Neo-Marxist and Black Lives Matter leader should provide such a fitting end to this article. Thanks, Deeray. You are wiser than you could ever know.

Irony: The Tweet.

So, the next time you encounter a Neo-Marxist, ask them: Why are you Anti-White?

It makes no sense at all to persist in mindless bigotry. The only cure to this madness is to reject Neo-Marxism utterly, and oppose it wherever it lies. There is nothing wrong at all with paying particular attention and favor to your own culture. When you denigrate another culture solely for the fact that it is better than your own- this is racist.

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The Sate article is breathtaking- the one and only admission of the left’s duplicity. It is as I posted elsewhere- all these idiotic theories rely on the assumption of correctness prior to evaluation. We are right, therefore - we are right.


Are those who consume this kind of literature intellectually incapable of discerning the obvious logical fallacy within the concepts they are attempting to convey? One can’t claim that race is a philosophical construct and only a few sentences later claim that race is indeed a thing. It can’t be a philosophical construct and also be a physical thing. It is either a philosophical construct without form or it is something that is physical, tangible, and can be commonly described by all people.


Maybe you should hear from one of your own about the reality of white supremacy and white racism in white America. Learn something.

And another thing…because with a whitewashed post like this it’s bound to come up.

Can we also not go along with the bullshit term “white nationalist”? There is no white nation. Never was. Anywhere. Europe was (and still is) a hodgepodge of competing nations who used to mostly be at vicious war with one another and who would seize the slightest pseudoreligious or pseudoscientific excuse to declare everyone else on the continent less-than-human.


After reading this post it needs to be said, the folks who think this way are extraordinarily weak-minded individuals that, as a result of their weak-mindedness, are prone to form into authoritarian in-groups of those like-minded and those in-groups tend to become very domineering, violent and oppressive of those not in the in-group.

Social media is enabling the weak-minded to form into in-groups that would have been impossible for them to do in local settings before social media came into existence. Once they start forming then they will prey on the weak and especially young men and women who have various social issues that make them outcasts in their local communities. The group gives them power that they do not have as an individual and we best not underestimate that power, especially amongst young people who have not fully matured into adults or have social issues.


It’s somehow weak-minded to call out racism? When white people are discriminated against based on the color of their skin - that’s racism. You can try to twist it any way you want, but it is racism.

When blacks come together to form an in-group based on race is that weak-minded? Or is that somehow different because they are woke?


The right wing tends to be much more inclined to group-thinking as opposed to individual-thinking that the rest of society is inclined to. It is much harder for individual-thinking people to be drawn into authoritarian in-group structures and communities.


All populations are predisposed to groupthink, albeit some more than others. I’m also not so sure that it’s right-wingers vs. the rest of society – most people seem pretty comfortable when they find a way to fit in, as opposed to standing out.


Groupthink - “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility”

You’re seeming to suggest both sides engage in groupthink. Sure. I can go along with the idea that liberals have a groupthink when it comes to inclusion of people of many stripes/colors/attitudes, etc. I can also go along that the right at present seems to have a groupthink revolving around white nationalism/racism/Nazi-ism, etc.

I’m more with @GIZO on this. People do like to fit in, it’s partly explains why liberals are concentrated on the coasts (I moved from red state USA to liberal heaven), but there seems to me to be a difference between fitting in among your own kind and only your own kind as opposed to fitting in among your own kind amongst a diverse group of people and worldviews.

I am not articulating this well at all. There is a reason we focus so much on education and there’s ample research out there to discuss the long-term cognitive effects of poverty on critical thinking. Sure, groupthink is a possibility on both sides of this debate, I just get the sense you’re underestimating the willingness and ability for the right to be incredibly dogmatic.


Wow, just wow; (I had to use a silly leftist response). Yes all righties think alike, that’s why the GOP fielded 17 candidates, because of homogeny of thought. Meanwhile the left not only embraces thought purity (you might not have noticed since you buy the whole program without question), they are also fiercely vindictive of ideological ‘apostates’.

If you look at sites like Daily Kos, there is almost no disagreement present or allowed. The NPR chief who traveled the country meeting conservatives became one, the Salon writer who ventured forth into what he presumed ‘hostile territory’ with an Obama t-shirt on- and people were nice to him, and listened to him.

Compare that to the many videos of Trump cap wearing people who were physically assaulted, as well as hatefully taunted by your pals. You may wish the ‘right’ was so monolithic, but it is the left, on campuses (conservative speech is hate speech!) who have done the assaulting, vandalizing, verbal abuse, and even videoing for FlakeBook, torturing a developmentally disabled person for his Trump t-shirt.

Yeah, the folks on the right are the drones, sure pal.


So you moved here? This skit is still so apropos:


We can make our own list in response.

Stop stealing guns
Stop stealing bikes
Stop stealing tvs
Stop stressing stereos
Stop stealing jewelery
Stop stealing cars
Stop murdering us
Stop murdering each other in record numbers
Stop murdering cops
Stop torturing and murdering animals
Stop being violent
Stop being lazy
Stop being so fucking dumb
Stop being a drain on this country’s society
Stop bitching
Stop being black


Then too we must openly oppose the ‘Black Nationalist’. Racism is the hatred of another race… not just whites who hate another race. When you continue to frame the argument this way you are not looking for equality, you are not looking for equal justice… you are courting reverse discrimination. Their is no other way to explain the syncopates of the left as they attempt to cherry pick history to suit a narrative that somehow makes them feel special.

@GIZO you are correct… their is a lot of very weak minded individuals in this discussion. I don’t think anyone on the right would deny that their is a hardcore element of the white population who would wish to remove all other racial groups from the country… but they are far from the mainstream of those on the right. The left however, and I am speaking primarily of the white segment are pandering for favor. Their are black supremisist groups that have been around for decades and they don’t hold back on openly calling for not only their own country but for the eradication and marginalization of the white population. This is racism… you can’t change the definition just because the words come from a different race. The organization LaRaza says it quite clearly in its name.

The self loathing whites of the left are playing a fools game… they think they will be spared in the cull… fact is as we are seeing with the feminist purge of males in the ‘sexual abuse’ arena… it seems that the largest percentage of abusers are the ones who have yelled the loudest about womens rights…

An old saying that I heard when I was quite young by a black man: In the south the white man will stab you in the chest… in the north you must always look over your shoulder because they will stab you in the back.

The left is so full of hypocrites trying to make themselves feel good, but they really don’t care about ‘equality’ or ‘racism’ or ‘sexism’… they just care about themselves…


The mistake, in my opinion that the left makes in this discussion it with the words ‘multiracial’ and ‘multicultural’. Cultural norms of one country diametrically oppose the social order of another. Attempting to mash them together by legislative force almost always creates friction. Most countries can only operate will if they have a basic set of cultural and social norms that everyone agrees is true. The left are intent on imposing their will on people to accept… tolerate… each others idiosyncrasies. Friction is the result.

The left also attempt to define ‘diversity’ as being strictly racial. It is, of course, not. So the left will say that a black for instance from the Ivory Coast is equal to a black from Madagascar… Doubtless to say, if you put them in the same room, their would be friction. While it is perfectly fine by the majority of people in America to say that we are a multiracial society, it is most certainly not a good idea to press society into some kind of cultural mishmash… It will not work over time.

Everyone likes the company of those who think and appreciate live like they do… that of course is called discrimination. My wife hates horror movies and VietNamese food and she has no interest in hanging out with that crowd… that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like the Vietnamese… just not some of their customs and tastes. While you can have a certain amount of tolerance for varying cultural attributes… their can only be one set of cultural mores if you are to have a unified country…

That was cute… I saw what you did their. The left are no more inclusive than the right and I would say that if you were pushed out of your neighborhood by obnoxious neighbors who carry on like they and the world around them must adopt the native cultural perimeters of their native homeland, you might take offense. By the way, in all of that ‘inclusion’ you can include black supremacists and Hispanic supremacists as well. And so your comment must say that we on the right have plenty of blacks and his panics and asians who believe in the same cultural norms as them hick white folk… and you have just as many bigots and hipocrites and racists on the left…


I can only laugh at the silliness of this comment… The left have managed to down the entire stock of available kool aid with this comment. Seems to me that …‘The rest of society’… the ones you align with in social and intellectual prowess are the very group that denounce individualism and push for the very authoritarian nature of pure democracy and of course play robin hood it the name of social equality while pushing for a state owned everything… now that is group think.


And exactly how many of half the country revolve around that concept?
One thing the left is excellent at is labeling ben when they are totally clueless. But then again Hillary was a perfect example labeling half the country as deplorable. A major reason she lost the election. You cannot alienate half the country and expect people to support you. Another example is the NFL fiasco. Players, owners alienated a segment of the country. Why would they expect that segment to support them financially week after week. They were incredibly stupid, an entertainment venue like Hollywood watching their revenue drop as they continue their diatribe against part of th population.

Now that is beyond funny with the majority of the failing school systems are located within your liberal cities. An example, our city/cesspool sports a 70% graduation rate and the ED suburb sports a 97% graduation rate. The city sports gangs, the RED suburbs, none.

The universities become a baby sitting service no longer able to engage critical thinking skills. I love seeing every day a new absurdity each trying to outdo the previous extreme progressive statement. I am personally beyond thankful that I was able to afford a private college without LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE leanings that actually provided a real education for my daughter.

Seems you mistake a progressive cesspool for Heaven when it is hell for many of the populace in the city.

But we all have different standards.


No generation has ever been more at risk than ours, THE ENEMY IS INSIDE THE GATES, we have to all toughen up, Trump and US are all that stand between total (((globalist))) rule, ruination and extinction. Never has the enemy been in such complete control, media, gov, overflowing ghettos, masses of immigrants bent on our destruction. The invasion is already IN PROGRESS, and so many members of our own race are against their OWN SURVIVAL. TOUGHEN UP!!


Funny you should mention that… fresh copy.



Hopefully everyone does.