"Diversity walls" aka akbarriers going up in Europeans cities for Christmas


Really make you think… but with incidents occurring too often now, this bandage will do.


This is what you get when you allow terrorists into your Country , it begins to look like a war zone !


Evidence that forced multiculturalism is a bad thing for everyone. When governments need to start making Christmas markets look like war zone checkpoints because Muslims might try to go on a murder rampage - you have a Muslim problem not a Christmas problem.


The silver lining is, at least there wont be as much possible casualties in this time of the year.


There may not be many physical casualties from putting these counter-measures in place, but German is losing casualties of the culture war every single day.

The latest:

A 600-year-old school in Germany has ditched Christmas celebrations during class time after a Muslim pupil said that carols were incompatible with Islam.


You can vote against your own extinction, but you cant vote against a speeding van. Bit hypocritical, I know.


That’s why I don’t feel bad anymore when I see a truck of peace plow into civilians in Germany. They had the chance to change direction and chose not to. AFD could have come in like a wrecking ball and solved the migrant problem swiftly. But, they put their faith in Mama Merkel who should have lost her grasp on power long ago. The Germans need to ask themselves - how many more dead Germans will it take for them to change political and cultural direction in their own country.


Too late now. Im sure leftists there have gather enough votes to block another attempt of reversing the course. But lets say that locally, they do get the vote, they still wont pass through the EU, which is made up of entirely un elected officials.

Or they could migrate to Poland erect it to be a European super power. Sort of like the North vs. South Korea situation: you keep your communism, and we’ll keep our freedom.


I say the same about the Germans as I do about the Canadians. They need to buckle down and start solving their own problems. That starts with removing Merkel and all like her from office. She can’t destroy her country if she is no longer in power.