Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


Some friends of mine have recently been debating whether Churchill is unrightfully glorified in British society, and it has made me wonder the same. From this, I have decided to write a report on the subject and so need to collect public opinions on him, if you have two minutes to spare could you please fill out my online survey on the topic? Any debate is welcome here too, I would love to discuss it!


You are welcome to discuss with the community here. I removed your link. If you want to conduct a survey please use our internal polling tool located in the post menu bar (click the gear icon).


Why on earth “unrightfully?” Are you trying to rewrite history?


Look around…that’s what the libs want to do…


Churchill was true hero and a true leader in a time of adversity. His leadership was invaluable in the fight against the Germans.


What a crock! Do you expect us to believe that you are writing a paper to share with your friends?


But for his ordering the French fleet sunk in the attack at Mers-el-KĂ©bir preemptively killing almost 1300 french sailors sitting in port, I would have a higher regard for him


Churchill was the best war time Prime Minister we ever had. We beat the Germans (the EU rewrite is that the Allies fought the Nazis, a nasty far right group and not Germany) and Churchill was instrumental to their defeat. We beat the Germans once, we can do so again, this time under their guise of the EU.


When we look at the state of Europe as it is today, I have to ask, did Churchill pick the right side?


Hitler offered peace 3 different times during the first year of WW2 but Churchill absolutely refused. It could of been the end of the war with England and thus America but nope! And that’s even after Germany had England pinned in Dunkirk


A most important piece of history that is often swept under the rug. I firmly believe that native Europeans would have done much better in the long run had things gone in a different direction.


Churchill was British and had pride in being British. What other side could there have been?


100% agree, even General Patton said the wrong side won the war


What does Churchill having pride in his Britishness have anything to do with Hitler’s incursion into Poland?


I would have higher regard for him had he not declared war on Germany in the first place.


Here we go again…:roll_eyes:


I don’t understand what you mean.


Unfortunately I know …


Well that’s about the most unproductive exchange of ideas (or lack thereof) that I’ve ever had. Why did you bother posting if you literally came to the table with nothing?


Fascism, Dictatorship and Socialism have no place in a civilised World