Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?



Leftists, Democrats, weak republicans, radical feminists, illegals are also ruining this great country

Races do get long, leftist races dont, the right wingers do, you seem to forget that.

I dont care for Maxine Waters, Jessie Jackson or Al Not sharpton, they are losers.

But give me Col Allen West, Condolezza Rice, Ben Carson in my neighborhood any day any time.


I completely agree with you on that one


All the weak ones are promoted by Jews


Did anyone watch the video of kanye at the white house today? I thought he was very articulate and made alot of sense but the MSM is now saying he’s complete nuts and belongs on antipsychcotic medication hahaha


I didn’t like the guy till I saw the video today, kinda blew my mind


And if Hitler succeeded, then we wouldn’t have a Col Allen West, Ben Carson, Condolezza Rice ( Im not sure if I spelled her name right), Herman Cain, Larry Elder and my personal favorite Dr.Thomas Sowell,

Im sure there are plenty , plenty and plenty more.

Bobby Jindal, sheriff David Clarke, Im sure I can go on, oh I should throw in a few jews Ben Shapiro who is so hated by the left.

Plenty of people assimilate fine here, its the ones that dont assimilate that I want to toss out on their asses.

But if Hitler had his way none of them wouldn’t exist.

what about that?


That’s simply not true, Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany and was planning on sending them to Madagascar so they can live their jew lives there. Total extermination was never on the table


You can’t keep playing the guessing game of who can assimilate it’s stupid and a death sentence


I’m a big fan of Ben Shapiro, also MILO


no, you’re just too stupid like most liberals and leftists, its very easy to see who doesn’t assimilate, the problem is the laws prevents swift justice because of the People’s democrap plantation party policies of sanctuary cities and crap like that.

Its very easy for congress to come up laws to strengthen our borders but they are more concerned with votes.

Of course we can pick them out but we cant do anything because of laws in place dummy.


Ummm , that is partially true, now I get you dont want to take the words of the Victors regarding the allegedly death camps.

but General George Patton commented after he saw them and guess what he said?
we went after the wrong enemy, the worst kept secret in WW2 , Patton was an anti Semite, Im only going by Patton’s own words, the American war hero.

He didnt care for Jews either, even Eisenhower knew that and didn’t include him the D Day invasion and as Eisenhower he was too unstable and unpredictable,

And Eisenhower wasn’t a jew, he was of German Descent his family came to America in the 1700’s, so no allegiance to Germany, Hitler or Nazism.

facts my friend.


It’s funny how people say Hitler wanted to wipe out the Jews, years of research have been done on this and never did Hitler say he wanted the Jews exterminated. Who I wonder started this lie?? perhaps the same ones that made up the 6 gazillion killed in the “holocaust”?


I’m the one that brought Patton into the conversation like 6 days ago, I’m well aware that Patton said the wrong side won WW2


I live in boston!!! I see people laughing at us! I’ve seen People that can’t speak English using ebt cards for the past 20 years! High schools where 1/2 can’t speak English! Enouggggh already! I’m done seeing my city dismay!


I live in boston!!! I see people laughing at us! I’ve seen People that can’t speak English using ebt cards for the past 20 years! High schools where 1/2 can’t speak English! Enouggggh already! I’m done seeing my city disappear !


You’re correct Max, I don’t buy the story told by the Victor’s during WW2. As I said before read some books by David Irving, nobody on this planet has done more research into Hitler and Churchill during WW2 than he


In fact he did so much research into WW2 the English government raided his house and stole all of his research to try to shut him up. It obviously didn’t work and he’s still preaching the truth


Max are you saying the holocaust happened Because jews said so?? Lol


whether it was 6 million or 6 hundred thousand, numbers vary, you cannot deny the existence of death camps.

Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton saw some of them personally, the first one was the Ohrdruf concentration camp and another camp at Weimer.

Other American, British officers visited other camps, but Im only discussing the ones that Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley personally seen and commented.

Are you calling those gentlemen liars? do I listen to main street media and history books that tell me that 6 million were killed? no

I dont know how many were killed but I do know the death camps existed and Jews, homos, roman catholic, gypsies perished at the hands of the nazis, the only thing in dispute is the actual numbers of deaths.

Eisenshower, Bradley and the dirtbag Patton all witnessed it and wrote about it, Patton just didnt care


congrats, do you want some cheese with your Whine, or a cookie there hero.

There are plenty of nice areas in Boston, if you cant afford to live there, then its your problem not ours.

and as in for the Jews and holocaust Ive addressed Noble already , read the response, or do I have to make a video because you cant read or have reading comprehension problems.