Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


I don’t know, the nose seems wrong, the eye color, jawline is wrong,

Pretty close isn’t it.


Positive assertion?.. are you fucking kidding me?..

Well-timed disengagements…:rofl:

Look… if you’ve got nothing better to do then to scope this site all day, you’re pretty fucking pathetic. I have a social life and business to run.


plays the man …
… back to the ether

How will I ever recover


Wow…U responded pretty fast. Proves my point…:rofl:


I just value your deep insight so much.
Just like that thread on Israel.


So instead of addressing his points you present an ad hominem alleging his overuse of the internet. It must be easy not having to think.


Are you two lovers…:thinking:


Can’t we all agree the Jews aren’t good people?


A most sophisticated and moderate proposition.


I want to see if I get this, Adolph Hitler didnt commit suicide in 1945, and fled to Argentina or Colombia, Im assuming he fled with Eva Braun his wife, and fathered Pablo Escobar, and the CIA knew about and basically sanction it.

So how does El Chapo fit in ? and what about Charlie Manson being second or third cousins?

any truth to that rumor?

good Lord…


Would love to hear your opinion on dual covenant theology, over on that Israel thread, seeing as you counter-signaled me on the topic initially, as if I were disobeying God.


Dude look at the picture it’s him!


and what happened to Eva Braun?

What happened to their dog?


Every one is good! Living life to the fullest


We should have protected hitler, look how our country would look today!? Amazing


Its too bad Erwin " the dessert fox: rommel, didn’t succeed in putting a bullet in Hitler’s head

Protected Hitler? ha.

Even if Germany won the war, eventually he would have turned on the Japs, Italians, the Americans, and of course he would have tried to conquer the Middle east and all those Muslims, yeah good luck on that one.

The intellectual genius that Hitler was pffttt ha.


Hitler with Patton in the Middle East, to easy
Be Patriotic


Patriotic I am, Patton was a traitor and scumbag, and Eisenhower did the right thing by canning his ass.

Hitler was Austrian , So I don’t give a shit about him.


How was Patton a traitor? He was a great man


A great man? he constantly disobeyed Eisenhower’s orders, violated parts of the treaties signed by us and the Soviet union when fighting the Nazi’s, his ego costs american lives at the battle of Fort Driant in France, victory for the Nazi’s

oh right, you think the Nazis are the good guys,

never mind.

You do know Eisenhower used Patton as a decoy on D Day because Eisenhower couldnt trust Patton, old guts and glory… ha