Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


Nice opinion…


its not an opinion its a fact

Who was the commanding general at the battle of Fort Driant in France ? it wasn’t General Bradley, McCarthur or Eisenhower, it was George Patton

Where was George Patton during D Day? sidelined and giving tony Robbins speeches to his men, he was so out of the loop he heard about Normandy invasion through the BBC… Fact.

Im not giving you opinions, Im giving you facts Jack.

Even German Nazi apologists knows Patton wasnt in the loop, nor did he participate in the victorious D Day invasion.

Great man my ass.


They made movies about him! He’s a legend


they’ve made movies about serial killers, the Flintstones and The Beverley hillbillies too

your point is what?


It was a hero war movie


Was Hitler unrightfully vivified? On body count, Mao Zedong and Joe Stalin beat him by miles.


And one day they will make a movie about Obama, not only will I not watch it, pay to watch it, download it or stream it, I may boycott it just out of principle.

And Im sure the movie will not be good.

the movie Gary Oldman won an Oscar for portraying Churchill was good , you can see why that talented actor won the Oscar .

My dad told me this story once that George C. Scott won a Oscar for portraying Patton and refuse to accept it, I wonder why?

A great man my ass.


Say it to my face image


again I ask, what is your point?


I rest my case …


you rest your case, you need to make a point, you say Patton is a great man, and I disagree, you have to prove he is a great man, just like I have to prove he is not a great man.

making movies about him and fluff up propaganda making him a legend doesnt mean he is a true legend

Charlie Manson is also a legend, and so is Che Guevara ,so are you telling me these are great men too?

Ive laid out my case why Patton isnt a great man, you dont have to agree or disagree just prove me wrong.


I served under Patton in 41! He taught me how to be a man!


Operation torch was amazing
Battle of Saint-Mihiel… wow did it rain


So you were pulling your taffy when Patton was giving his motivation speech as your brethrens under Eisenhower stormed Normandy?

Did you forget to take your evening meds?


You need Jesus in your life


Beautiful place to have lived, too bad the dream didn’t pan out :frowning:


Too funny, so you fell for the propaganda piece , :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ive seen some amazing pictures of Pyongyang, North Korea, want to live there?

Ive seen some amazing beach pictures of Cuba too, want to live there in that workers paradise?


The pic looks great …


That’s the picture of a incredibly proud country (at the time) that owed their economic revival to one great man



one great man