Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


so now the left wants to judge Churchill on what he said before he was P.M

The left cannot for whatever reason make any sense.

Who cares what he said or did prior to becoming Prime Minister.

The facts are Churchill led his country through its darkest hour, he was the glue that held the country together and that is the bottom line.

what he said, or did prior to becoming Prime Minister is irrelevant, what he did during his country’s need is relevant and that is what history is judging Churchill on

Its like FDR, every body on the left favorite hero, he was no hero, he single handedly armed the communists in Russia and China, Interned Japanese Americans not Japanese captured soldiers, but American citizens, because he was racist against the Japanese.

Yes some of Churchill’s mistake was giving the Russians some of the technologies, and he knew Stalin was not to be trusted but his ministry did anyways.

Bottom line was FDR was just the leader of a powerful country who wanted to have skin in the game, Churchill had skin in the game, his country and he steered it through its darkest hour.

If that isn’t a statesmen I dont know what is, FDR wasn’t.


People always tend to judge people and events in the past through their biased beliefs of today. Throw in hey have zero understanding of the problems the people of that time had.


@jess243 got more than she bargained for on this thread :rofl:


Just to set the record straight I do think Churchill was a great leader, although misguided and he was on the wrong side - he should have joined with Hitler to defeat the communist threat.
I also think Hitler was a great leader .
Part of the reason I like Churchill is because of his attitude to ME and near east but that is the reason the Libtards don’t like him


I think you are misguided , Hitler was a horrible human being, yes he did great things to get his country out of the predicament they were in.

His execution and ideology was the problem , when you want to kill off a race of people because you believe they are inferior etc, well that presents a problem

What you dont seem to get is when a leader practices racial genocide it never ends well
Every leader in History that has tried Racial Genocides ends up being destroyed, From Genghis Khan to Hitler to Milosevic and many more… ethnic cleansing is a bad thing.

The communists in Russia, as despicable as they were, not much was really known at that time, not much was known about Stalin’s crimes although rumors were rampant.

So to ask why didnt the Brits and Americans team up with Hitler to destroy the communists?
well that is really silly because

  1. Hitler declared war on the United States, Russia did not.

  2. Hitler reneged on the Peace Agreement signed by him and that Weak Obama like character in Britain Neville Chamberlain

  3. Russia and the west were allies, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and FDR’s hated rivals the Japanese were enemies.


Hitler sent Hess to negotiate peace in May 1941 - we rebuffed him and so by December he had no choice, especially after Pearl Harbour


yes, nothing like attempting to negotiate peace after you pillaged other countries and expect your enemies to accept peace on your terms.

Good Lord.

that is like me going out and beating up BLM and ANTIFA members and then trying to negotiate a peace agreement between me and the police and District Attorney so I wont get prosecuted for assault.

That may work in Xanadu but in the real world they laugh at you

Why would the Brits trust Hitler after he reneged on the Munich peace agreement.

I say good for Churchill for standing his ground against a lying thieving murderous treacherous scumbag like Hitler.

Lord knows if Chamberlain was Prime minister he would have given the Nazi’s Scotland and North Ireland just to keep the peace.


How so, I thought the peace agreement was all abt Czechoslovakia(Sudetanland specifically) which was only created after WW1 - tthe peace agreement gave Germany back the land it had prior WW1, and whatever Chamberlains faults he was only trying to prevent a war - Hitler only did what Chamberlain had agreed to.


that was the problem, Chamberlain and Frances’s Daladier., another weak leftist leader, should enforced the Treaty of Versailles and dismantled Nazi Germany military.

Even Hitler in his own words said France was powerful enough to stop him and could have stopped him but chose not to , ignoring the pleas from British Opposition leader Winston Churchill.

Two weak leaders in Britain and France made Hitler even stronger.


Most of Hitlers objectives were about restoring German territory stolen in the Versailles treaty - Alsace Lorraine, Sudetanland, Danzig.
He had a justifiable and probably good legal case to take those lands back.


There are always 2 sides to every story and the victors write history to favour them.
Try watching this for a big wake-up call.


And we declared war on Hitler - and US was supplying us with arms so Hitler really had little choice.


no, the treaty of Versailles returned countries that Germany stole or annexed if you prefer during the franco -prussian wars
all those countries you mentioned belong to France and other countries.

You seem not to know your history my friend.

and that video you’ve linked, I watched it when it first came out in 2013, I found it interesting, a little too propagandist for my taste, some truth, some fiction, and some opinion

Yes it highlights things Hitler did that was good for the German people, but you cannot dismiss Nazi agenda even from Hitlers and his sycophants own words

Are you going to tell me that the Nazi’s were not anti Semites?


Buttdicker only gets his info from conspiracy theorists, history is an anathema to him. He’s making it up as he goes along



Ive already explained this Boudica,

Aloni was known to be a left wing kook, the Bernie sanders of the Israeli government.

She was describing Israeli’s politics and the tricks some of them uses.

Its like me touting Bernie sanders and quoting him and telling the rest of the world this is how the People’s Democrap Plantation party thinks of things.

Can we be at least honest for once Boudica.

There is a difference between Judaism and Israeli politics.

Just like there is a difference between American every day citizens and the American government
or dont you know that ?


Doesn’t matter I just love that video and it is a true description of the insult.


Being called a conspiracy theorist is probably one of the highest compliments you can get.

CIA Document 1035-960 played a definitive role in making the ‘conspiracy theory’ term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question. From CIA Document 1035-960


so the truth doesn’t matter, that is how you feel, so the truth isn’t paramount with you?

this is why the left is despised, you dont care about the truth, logic or facts, you only care about feelings

That is touching and sweet but feelings doesn’t explain why things happen.

And what does that mean “it is a true description of the insult”?


That’s OK Buttdicker, it wasn’t meant as one