Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


Whats up - your comprehension skills deserted you again?

Its a bit like the term ‘conspiracy’ theory’ - it’s a trick used to shut down debate and Joos use it all the time - another FACT btw


Thats ok I took it as one and thank you kind sir


My comprehension skills are just fine Kimosabe , and Ive never used or accused you of being a conspiracy theorist.

That word isn’t in my vocabulary, what is in my vocabulary is something called “facts” , “empirical evidence”

Unlike a lot of your brethren Boudica, Im fascinated by the details , I like to know how things work, its the details that things happen.

I may have strong view but 90% of the time they are backed up facts, not propaganda .

You say Hitler was a good man, but that is how you feel, while I presented facts showing he wasn’t a good man but a treacherous psychopath.

Germany lost countries in the Treaty of Versailles that she annexed from a previous war.
Im going to assume you are British Boudica.

Im going to give an ridiculous example to illustrate my point, Its like America going to war with England and we won and we take Scotland, North Ireland and Wales from you because there are American citizens there and later on we go to war against the Chinese and lose to the Chinese and America is force to sign a treaty stripping her of military might and countries she annexed prior.

Did we lose those countries of Scotland, Wales and North Ireland or did the treaty merely returned them to England?

Get it now?


I know, you already said :rofl::rofl:


It’s used in American politics, too. Israel is a foreign country and sometimes people try to consider them a state of the US or something. Israel sometimes behaves arrogantly and it annoys me when they think that they are owed money by the US.

I remember in the first gulf war, GHW Bush forgave $10 billion of loans to Arab states to get their participation in his action against Saddam. That made me angry. Then Ehud Ohlmert pops up and demands $10 billion for Israel for their participation. Sometimes we do need to tell them to pound sand in their fucking asses.

Israel supporters unfairly called Pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran, among others, anti-Semitic for opposing those wars.


Oh I know Smiley, a lot of leftist jews say that, that is their excuse for everything, just like the Muslims, the BLM activist, Feminist radicals you name it , they do it.


Your problem is that you only hear what you want to hear…

BTW. If your a dude, why do you have a sword wielding woman as your avatar? Are you a tranny?..,


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Do u even realize how stupid your response is?..

Why did u choose a sword wielding woman as your avatar if your a dude?..

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I got your back @Boudica! Keep fighting for what you believe in! Educate them!


oh my Boudica, Jitss has your back, wow, that is nothing to be proud of or you want in your corner , but I do agree fight for you what you believe in, just as long as long as you’re open minded enough to listen to the truth.

I’m curious though Boudica, tell us why Churchill shouldn’t be honored for what he did for England?

And I know why you’re a fan of Hitler now, I didn’t realize the extent that you hate The Jews and Communism.

I can understand and appreciate the hate you have for Communism/communists , but I suspect you dont hate them for the reasons why I hate communists/communism.


I could ask why a pussy like you chose a picture of a guy as their avatar


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I can’t do this anymore…your too stupid to engage.

Mabey if you were actually insulting, but ur just stupid…I mean forest grump stupid…


What are you ‘oh snapping’ about?:thinking:




Don’t think I ever said that - what I did say is that we should recognise his bad traits as well - he was no saint, but he was a great leader when we needed one, unfortunately he was wrong, but that wasn’t his fault, he was just misguided. Hitler was also a great leader who also had his faults. The first casualty of war is truth and I believe we were lied to - same as they always lie to us - like they did with Korea, Nam, JFK, 911 etc etc etc - why would ww1/2 be any different.


Churchill was misguided? how so

What made Hitler a great leader, put away that he hated jews and his ethnic cleansing program, what exactly made Hitler a great leader?

And who is they?? who lied to us about Korea, Vietnam, JFK, 911 etc.


Gotta put my hands up to that one - but its not Joos per se - its more the way they behave I dislike.


Keep up Max - he was on the wrong side