Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


What’s even more ironic was that the Zionists controlled the banks that were wrecking the German economy and forcing the Germans to starve to death. See how easily we go full circle?


So you are saying that the Germans were incapable of developing German banks which didn’t have a dependency on Jewish money, without killing 6 million of them. As with all Socialism, it is an ideology of envy with a dependency on other peoples money


I just finished Max Hastings’ history of WW II, “Inferno”. About 50,000 French troops were evacuated with the British from Dunkirk. MOST of those Frenchmen asked to be repatriated to France, and they were. About 20,000 French volunteered to join the S.S. At that point, France became an enemy nation. It would have been suicidal to let Germany get control of the French navy.


Quite the opposite. Nazi Germany helped to lay the groundwork for the State of Israel. We don’t need to get into the veracity of the alleged Holocaust here. The Nazis did exactly what you are talking about. Unfortunately, this is often left out of history books. Even this article from Wikipedia is slanted but it gives some relevant insight.

Hitler took his inspiration from US President Andrew Jackson - who eliminated the central bank in the US at the time and gave the power to mint currency back to the Treasury. Hitler did the same exact thing within Germany while transferring the Jewish money out of Germany.


I think it had more to do with Hitler and his Nazis confiscating Jewish money and assets


You didn’t click the article.

If Hitler wanted to just kill Jews why did his government spend months negotiating a way to relocate 60,000 German Jews, along with their assets, to Palestine? It would have been easier just to kill them on the spot, right?

Why would Hitler waste resources at a time of war to create all of these elaborate rail systems and “concentration camps” just to execute Jews? Germans are known for their efficiency and this has got to be one of the most inefficient ways to kill people. It doesn’t even make sense.


Relocated 60,000 Jews, then murdered and confiscated the assets of 6 million Jews. That was very white of him


You mean 6 gorillion. That’s a really big number that would stop naughty people from ever disobeying the central banks again. Do you know what countries in the world aren’t controlled by a central bank?

North Korea

Isn’t that interesting. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya used to be on the list, but we all know what happened there. American freedom and democracy in support of our greatest ally.


Outside of your comment is off topic, ok if you say so.



Ummmm, yes Hitler and his Nazis relocated the "rich " jews, but took care of the poorer jews his way.

Supposition, and I hate suppositions but will use one to make a point, lets say I’m a nutbar racist and I wanted to get rid of Mexicans in my country.

I’m the chairman of the joint chiefs and I took control of the Pentagon, the military, the press, and finally cleaned out Congress and the supreme court.

Im the dictator of the USA.

First thing is Im going to say Rich Mexicans get your ass out of my country, of course they will leave, because they have the assets and resource to leave.

What about those on welfare or social assistance and have no money, how do they leave?

Answer, they don’t… and if I want them gone and I don’t want to ship them off myself and Im a homicidal manic thug, I’m going kill them, but not waste bullets, I would gas them and burn them.

The rich Mexicans are safe and sound the poor ones, criminals etc … barbecued and gassed.

back to the topic.

you dont think Hitler relocated 6 million undesirable non Aryans for the sake of racial harmony right?


Doh. So why did he then? No one forced him to.


Why not take you holocaust-denial shit to another thread? This one is about Winston Churchill and whether he was indeed a great leader or not.


Somehow I knew that little Jessica would be a one-hit wonder.


Operation sea lion.

The plan to invade England.

It required naval and air superiority which the Germans were never able to achieve.

The Kriegsmarine was poorly equipped for such an undertaking. It had no landing craft purposely built for such an operation.

And that is why they didn’t invade England.

A very well known fact of WW2.


Germany had absolute air superiority from 1939 to around the beginning of 1944, it took the combined efforts of 3 air forces to gain the upper hand for the allies

German navy was lacking, even with the UBOATS causing major havoc in the North Atlantic


The German military was commanded by an arrogant idiot. His own staff knew this and tried to kill him.

Had the fool not gone after Russia and Africa at the same time he was trying to overrun Europe, he might have won.

As it was, the stupid bastard ran out of fuel, pilots, airplanes…and men. He was using little boys in the end.

Hitler was a maniacal narcissist…and a truly stupid human.

Britain, on the other hand, was being led by its greatest PM to date. Thatcher doesn’t come close.


I suppose that’s why the Luftwaffe was decimated in the Battle of Britain…in 1940.

See #8:
During the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe was dealt an almost lethal blow from which it never fully recovered.

See object record


Air superiority over England? Are you kidding me.

By the end of 1940, Germany had LOST the air war over Britain and the invasion preparation collapsed.

A shame they no longer teach history in schools.


Don’t believe everything you read abt Hitler