Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


Actually we declared war on Germany and Hitler tried, through Rudolph Hess to reach a no blame peace deal - do some research on Hess.


I don’t. I look at what really happened.

Many people liked the younger Adolf Hitler. He later turned to shit.


Britain and France declared war on Germany only after Hitler ignored their warning to not invade Poland.

It is no wonder that Hitler tried to reach a peace deal.


So why didn’t we declare war on Russia?


The only thing the german navy had was submarines and who their enigma code was cracked their wolf packs were destroyed.


Most ppl don’t even realise that the war actually started in 1933 - 1939 was when the shooting started



Because they were fighting against maniacal Hitler and the Germans.


Not until we declared war we weren’t and Russia invaded Poland first


Hitler was a good man, I think the Holocaust never existed


That was a previous war…that ended in 1920 after starting in 1919.

The Polish–Soviet war erupted in 1919 in the aftermath of World War I. The root causes were twofold: a territorial dispute dating back to Polish–Russian wars in the 17–18th centuries; and a clash of ideology due to USSR’s goal of spreading communist rule further west, to Europe (Soviet westward offensive of 1918–19). At that time both countries had just undergone transition: in 1918 Poland reclaimed independence after 123 years of partitions. In 1917 the October Revolution replaced the liberal, democratic Provisional Government, that had previously displaced the Tsar in Russia, with Soviet rule. The war ended with the Treaty of Riga in 1920, which settled the border issue and regulated Polish-Soviet relations until the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939.


I suspect a few ppl here might disagree - so it may be worth expanding those comments.


Russia was always Hitlers objective not us, thats why he let our troops escape at Dunkirk.


Germany did that. Why would we join Germany in war?


No, I just thought it was an interesting topic to research because of all the things you could explore within it like his personal life, relationship with his father, political career, actions in India, etc. Not saying I disagree with the view that he is unrightfully glorified but it’s an interesting one to discuss!


Yeah, Boris Johnson relays a similar sentiment in The Churchill Factor saying had it not been for Churchill refusing to appease Hitler and enter into a deal, Europe would have willingly caved to him and the result would have been unknowingly devastating. Nice to think he saved us, but their arguments were his bombings of Dresden and when he said the Indian race and religion was ‘beastly’, etc. mean we should at least recognise his faults rather than see him as this almost God-like figure who saved us from all evil.


Well, I’m currently in college doing an EPQ which is a 5,000 word report on a subject of our choice and mine is ‘To what extent is Winston Churchill unrightfully glorified in British society’, but you’re right it’s not to share with my friends, it’s to share with my exam board :slight_smile:


Yeah exactly, I think I’m coming round to the viewpoint that we shouldn’t see him as an almighty figure who had no bad points. To me, we should recognise his great qualities like saving us in the war (obviously Chamberlain wasn’t much help, and neither was Lord Halifax), but also remember that he did have some questionable qualities about him like his views on women, race, etc.


Please provide the full context for this


So we stopped Hitler from taking over Europe and gave it to Russia - that worked out well didn’t it?


For goodness sake that is such a loaded question! You might as well answer, to what extent is Hillary Clinton a saint? I guess that is what is called education nowadays.