Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


What was so different about the bombing of Dresden vs German bombing of the UK?


Your joking right?..


No disagreements here, just thought it would be interesting to look at his shortcomings and see what you guys thought lol


Interesting, could you expand please?


Just going off history, jews almost devistated Germany. Like what they are doing to America today.


No difference at all except Dresden was full of German civilian refugees and of no strategic or military importance to the Allies - Churchill knew that and he also knew that incendiary bombs were better for killing women and children


You’re second guessing a war time situation from the comfort and luxury of peacetime. Put it into context and you might just have a basic understanding of the man and the situation. Hindsight is always better than 20:20


His personal life has no bearing to the fact that he was the greatest war time Prime Minister we have had. I’m not interested in how he treated women or whatever. It’s irrelevant to his achievements.


Churchill’s reasoning for not accepting the peace deals is because he knew they would heavily disadvantage Britain, much like the demilitirisation of the Ruhr for Germany. It is arguable that we would have been better off accepting the deal, but we can’t be completely sure. I would love to learn more about the revisionist argument though if you’ve got any information on it :smile:


…and London had no civilians to kill?


Sorry, I’m not sure if this is to me or not but I’ve been in college all day and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to reply to anything!


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Please provide supporting facts and data for the above assertion




Didn’t say that, but Germany didn’t deliberately try to kill them, they were, what I think US always calls collateral damage in London, but targetted in Dresden.


Yeah that was similar to my line of argument, I was basically saying that yeah he had some pretty bad points (I mean, calling Indians ‘beastly’ isn’t a necessarily great thing haha), but we do also need to remember that he is basically the reason we won the war. If it wasn’t for his unwillingness to give up and accept the peace deal, who knows what would have happened???


The city was targeted. The citizens could have employed bomb shelters as did the Londoners.


Churchill wasn’t a mastermind, or a career politician. He was a soldier in his youth and he brought that typically British stubborness with him when he took position.

He made mistakes for sure, I’m surprised no one mentioned Gallipoli, but he was what Britain needed in it’s most critical hour, that’s what he should be remembered for. Simple.


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Exactly, Chamberlain and his next choice for PM Lord Halifax were not against a peace deal at all, even advocating for it when Churchill became PM. If it hadn’t been for Churchill’s determined stance on not accepting peace and fighting on even when it seemed completely worthless, perhaps we would be speaking German today.