Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


I didn’t feel this way until recently. I grew up Labour in Barrow. But my country is being destroyed and I’m sick to the back teeth about it.


That’s the problem, you refuse to accept the idea that the history that we are all taught is absolute fact. Is it not possible for history to have been written to make the victor look like they are infallible?


Jews don’t even assimilate they all live in the same neighborhoods, they think we Americans stink, well guess what … you smell like burnt hair


Not to dismiss your ‘evidence’ based on the source (GAYSTARNEWS… THE LGBTI WORLD, 24-7)

From your source:

In the end it comes to no conclusion and presents nothing in the way of evidence…just innuendo supporting the 24-7 cause of the publication.

I call it “bullshit”.


It is not illegal…it is stupid when evidence is introduced. Wanting a blonde haired, blue eyed Germany does not justify killing all the German Jews to get it.

Fuck Hitler’s worshipers.


Now you don’t like hot blondes?!


I’m by no means a Hitler worshipper, I’m only after the truth and if that truth by chance makes Hitler out to be not such a horrible person than so be it.


Why are you getting all upset? All we’re doing is having a conversation, simmer down


Why is it that you are so abrasive to those who are not abrasive towards you? In this entire thread I don’t think anyone is worshipping Hitler. Most are just pointing out that history, as we have been taught, may not be entirely accurate. I do challenge you to read and fully understand the tenets of National Socialism before you make broad and sweeping statements or judgements.

Part of free speech is to discuss and debate things that make people uncomfortable. If you can’t handle that then maybe this is the wrong thread for you.


If you can refute any points in the links I posted, please do so.

It seems quite logical that German pilots shot down and captured in Britain could not return to the war. It seems equally logical that any British pilots shot down over Britain could return to action.

It is documented that Britain had help from fighter pilots coming from other countries.

It is documented that Hitler enlisted very young boys to take the place of his dead soldiers.

It is documented that German laziness enabled the Allies to break the Enigma code machine.

It is documented that Rommel outran his supply lines.

It is documented that at least one of Hitler’s staff tried to kill him.


At one time, he may not have been a horrible person. Many Yanks and Brits liked him…for a while…until they realized he was a maniacal narcissist…and a mass murderer of innocent people.


To quote an actor in a good movie, “You haven’t seen me upset!”


…as am I…:fu:


It is up to you to present evidence for your claims.


Now sir, is that your IQ? Or number of white parents you have?


I already said I may be wrong and explained how I don’t trust the history we are all taught. You are most likely correct about Germans air force after 1940. I have to look into it again to be sure


Buttdicker has deluded propaganda, will that do? :rofl::rofl:


Again your racism shines through.


Good Lord, its bizarre reading stuff from anti Semites regarding Hitlers role in the WW2.

It is true , there are always three sides a story, the victors version, the losers version and the actual truth.

some of the anti Semites alternative versions of events is really out in left field, and it seems that some of you really dont know your history , and what you’ve posted has nothing to do with Churchill, and bringing in Churchill’s private life is not only irrelevant but borders on intellectual dishonesty.

The truth is if it wasn’t for Churchill bulldog stance during his leadership during WW2, England might be a German colony today.

Hitler wasn’t a good guy and he was a hypocrite, now to be fair all political leaders are hypocrites to some degree, and if he and his allies wasn’t stopped, there would have been mass causalities of epic proportions , because if you weren’t Aryan, Italian or Japanese, you would either be targeted for elimination or exile.

While you blame the Treaty of Versailles, Jews and Hitler’s Nazi’s invaded Poland as the causes of WW2, the truth is World war 2 could have been prevented at least in the 40’s if France stuck to making sure Germany not violate parts of the Treaty of Versailles.

As in for the spread of Communism particularly from the USSR and Mao’s China, you have to thank one man for that , his name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt and I’m actually surprised that the USSR and China didn’t have a national holiday celebrating Roosevelt’s birthday in those countries.