Do you think Winston Churchill is unrightfully glorified?


I’ll believe what actually came out of Hitlers mouth when it comes to his stance on England, notice how he says it’s a " great world empire " doesn’t sound like a man that wants to take a country over and have them speaking German now does it?


Of course you do, you are naive, most people who have studied history or even experts on Nazi Germany acknowledges that Hitler spoke out of both sides of his mouth.

He spoke the truth when it suited him, if you’ve read the Munich treaty he signed with Chamberlain you can see the extent of how Honest Hitler was…

Hint… he wasn’t honest.

And his talk about a master race … ha… the man was Austrian, and became a German Citizen in 1925 after renouncing his Austrian citizenship to further his political ambitions.

Some architect of the master race when he wasn’t part of the master German race, speaking German doesn’t make you German, my Ex girlfriend speaks fluent mandarin, and she is Scottish blonde hair and blue eyes and can trace her roots back to the 12th century, just because she can speak fluent mandarin doesn’t mean she is Chinese.



Can u maybe tell that to the millions of immigrunts in the UK who are now ‘British’ citizens?



Did Hitler try to make peace with Churchill several times?


Is British a language? and as in for the anti Semite comment, and video , that video featuring the late Shulamit Aloni was speaking about Israeli policies , there is a difference between Israeli government policies and Judaism

Aloni was the Bernie Sanders of the Plantation party aka the Democrats., a left wing kook.

just like there is a difference between Italy and La cosa nostra/mafia.

While I’m not fan of Israel, I’m smart enough to know the difference between Zionists, Israeli politicians and Judaism


Did Hitler try and make peace with Churchill several times? Yes he did but so what?

Churchill knew Hitler couldn’t be trusted, and made the right decision

Churchill knew of Hitlers intention of waging war with the USSR but didn’t care, because he couldn’t and wouldn’t Trust Hitler as the M16 had spies in the Hitler Government.

Churchill knew if Hitler Conquered the USSR who was our ally that as soon as he got the Russian resources he would attack Britain and this time with Italy and Japan.

Are you really that naive to think that Hitler was just a good guy that was misunderstood and wanted to save Germany from the unscrupulous Jews?

If you believe that , I have a few Mosques I like to sell you for a couple of quids and a case of Guinness

He wanted to attack Britain after he defeated the Bolsheviks because Britain at the time was a plural society and Jews were prominent in British Society.

Understand now?


Islam, Fascism and any form of Socialism, have no place in a civilised World


We can argue all week long about Hitler and Churchill but everyone knows in their hearts that Hitler was a great man that got screwed over by a certain religion and Churchill was a drunk :wink:


Alll hail hitler! Alll hail hitler! :fist_left::handshake::man_shrugging:


And Communists in China believes Mao was a great man too, yeah
Best thing Mao did for China was… HE DIED

Hitler was not a great man, great men dont commit suicide, they stand up for their beliefs and take it like a man , real men do that.

Im going to give you an example of what real men do, In New York there was a Mafia boss name John Gotti, I didn’t agree with his style and flamboyance but whatever, when he was caught finally and I had no problem with him being caught , instead of cowering like a rat bastard like so many of his peers, he took the punishment like a man.

He could have ratted like the rest of them for a lighter sentence but Gotti decided to accept his fate and he ended up dying in prison with no regrets, that is a man who believed in something.

Hitler took the cowards way out and will be remembered for the sniveling treacherous ruthless thug racist that he was…nothing more and nothing less, there was nothing Good about him.

And this bullshit about master race… yeah okay, he would have more credibility if he was actually German

Churchill despite his flaws steered England out of an impossible situation and will go down as one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century and history.

Hitler, Mao, and even Stalin, treacherous murderous bastards.


Stalin was most certainly way worse than Hitler could possibly dream of being, and to have the US and the UK take his side in the war is beyond reprehensible. I don’t know too much about Mao to make any sort of conclusion here, but I hear he was a bad boy?


The US and UK formed alliances with the USSR/Stalin because we had a common enemy in Hitler and the Axis power.

Nobody at that time knew the extent of the Stalin’s treacherous behavior and as the old saying goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We now know the extent of Stalin’s brutality, but it wasn’t known back then and it was after the Conclusion of WW2 and the commencement of the Cold war between USSR and USA did we start to learn about the behavior but it was only rumors, it wasn’t until high ranking KGB officials defecting and Gorbachev glasnost and perestroika policies that finally unleashed the classified soviet documents where we finally knew about the atrocities.

Even Putin addressed it and acknowledge Stalin Brutality , you know its bad when Russian strongman Putin Called it and Stalin brutal.

So to ask why did we form an alliance with Stalin ? because we didn’t know the full extent.


He could probably spot you 50 IQ points and a lot more in the wisdom department


Me too but I just love that vid.


…after killing MILLIONS of his own people.


An inferior dialect to American English, the international language.


Hitler knew better than to be captured by the allies, seeing what had just happened to mussolini not long ago he took the rational decision to put his own death into his hands.

Cmon man, what would you expect the man to do? Let himself be captured by the soviets who were brutally murdering and raping innocent Germans? What sort of messed up torture do you think he would of been forced to endure?

I can totally understand his decision and don’t think it was a cop out at all.

All Japanese citizens including soldiers were to be expected to kill oneself rather than be caught, it was considered an honorable way to die for the Japanese empire


:joy::joy::joy: You steal our language, severely bastardise it, then claim rights to it!! English is international because of the British Empire, to which you once belonged.

Did you know that there were only 22 countries in the world that Britain never invaded? :stuck_out_tongue: