Does America have the wrong values?



I see no reason why the US couldn’t regain the number one slot. But we’re going to have to do things differently.


And lets be honest, most people when visiting a surgeon to save a loved ones life, would rather have someone from John Hopkins vs the University of Moscow operating on them?


Great point Max-Webster!!! :+1:t5:


Again to the op, yes, in many ways America has the wrong values as we shrink from number one in so many catagories, but we remain number one in military strength, we can still make war better than anyone else and have the most experience at it.


I know I rather have Dr.Ben Carson operating vs the specialists at Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency in Russia.


It depends on specifics, there’s some specific types of healthcare services that will still be better in the US, but when compared as a whole, the US ranks 16 in the world and it was Number one. So we need a national debate on where we place our values today.


As to the issue of medicine and geography, I moved from California to Nevada last year. The professional class- especially the medical part- is woefully inferior to Orange County’s Hoag/St Jude. California has great medical care, though that may change in coming years as many of the best are retiring and leaving the state. Newly minted specialists are excited to move to the land of great weather and geography - until they find out how much they’ll pay for everything- especially in taxes.

The best will go where they’ll have the best quality of life for themselves and their children. The only thing left that s good in California are beaches and mild winters. Education has gone from top tier to bottom tier, crowding and parasitos have increased exponentially. Being a layabout is tacitly encouraged since while not all Democrats are layabouts, all layabouts vote Democrat.


Of course you could never prove that…


This is a great list Monte! Now we can use this to make sure all these foreign assholes who come here to “study” and end up overstaying their visas don’t get a chance to walk in the front door to begin with. There are so many better education systems out there for them to go to. They should do just that!


I agree, and good point on the visa overstays, that accounts for one of the biggest groups of people here illegally.


When I grew up in San Diego we could have fires on the beach. I understand that’s largely no longer allowed???


There is no chance that the USA will move up the league until they get rid of the Socialist Democrat Lefty Libtard dominance of the education system. Victimhood and snowflakery is not employable skills


People of the world don’t confuse left values with American values. They don’t represent us


AZ Dem Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Smeared U.S. Soldiers As Being Terrorists In Flyers Distributed By Her Far-Left Activist Group



I remember someone saying something like “don’t debate with idiots because they’ll drag you to their level and beat you”


Well then seemingly there would be no political forums.


If you are really interested in the debate and have done your research, have your facts, you won’t be dragged down to the level of the idiots, but there is a small chance that the idiots will learn something


Not if they are intellectually dishonest


Some people debate on the forums and then you have the selected few that uses the forums to promote their agendas and thinks they are making difference and bringing people to their cause.

they dont realize that most intelligent people laugh at their silly attempt.