Donald Trump Supporters Arrested Outside US Embassy In Uganda


Kampala, Uganda: Two Ugandans were arrested outside the US Embassy in Kampala on Tuesday morning while taking part in a demonstration of support for US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Carrying placards, one emblazoned with the slogan “A vote for Trump is a vote against African dictatorship!”, the two men attempted to enter the US embassy grounds in the Ugandan capital.

The men – named by local media as Bigirwa Moses and Allan Kitonsa – are reportedly members of the youth wing of Uganda’s Democratic Party, though spokesman Kenneth Kakande distanced his party from the demonstration.

“Today’s protest was not sanctioned by the Democratic Party. Perhaps overzealous young people, excited by what’s taking place in America, were just seeking media attention,” Kakande told AFP, saying that in his view the billionaire Republican candidate was not suitable for the White House.


Well whaddya know, people who hate dictators tend to support Trump. Funny how that works.


Project Veritas released part 1 of an exposé on “dark” political operatives working for the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to incite violence.

You have nothing to say about the princess of darkness, Hillary?

Regardless of who wins they will rule half a nation just like the last 12 years.


The “dictator” I was referring to in my post was in fact HRC. People who hate dictators support Trump. Count me in and I’ve got the red hat to prove it :wink: