Donald Trump's termination of illegal Obamacare subsidies is a win for those who genuinely care about the most basic workings of the Constitution


From the white supremacists lines of hatred .


As with everyone, it’s all about MEEEE!

UP your a prime example of that.


Actually we have plenty of laws that if actually enforce would 1)take those with no conscience off the street and put them in a concrete and steel box and 2) deter others who do have a conscience from breaking the law. Far to often however these… connected people get off for their heinous deeds because they own some politician and more often than not because it is most always powerful business that writes these regulations, it only enriches them while punishing otherwise reputable business people.

The left always attack the right with … ‘you don’t want any regulations’… the fact is, we already have regulations up to our eyeteeth… but the worst actors… the ones who actually break these laws never see a jail and are often fined little more than ‘cost of doing business’ fines as they continue on their merry way. Get government out of business and by and large, it will do the right thing… prosecute actual crimes of actual harm and fraud in a way that sends a message that if you do it… you WILL go to jail… and the better part of bad actors will do what is right.

Of course if you are any age younger than about 90, you have seen little in the way of free enterprise to know what works and what doesn’t… even the great robber barrons (even though some of them, standard oil as an example, added great value to America) were aided by inept government. At the time it was corrupt collusion with state government officials which spurred self righteous progressives to press for the 17th amendment, which just concentrated the corruption in Washington…


This is a response from someone without a valid argument so you need to lash out with name calling due to your white guilt . I’m a patriot that fought for my Country in combat , who believes life leaves you with choices . I spent the first 16 years with very little wore clothes from secondhand stores but we never asked for a hand out . I started working at 16 and entered the Marine corp. at 19 . I went to college worked two jobs most of the time paid ALL of my taxes , raised my family with VALUES and made sure they will be responsible citizens and instill in them bad choices has consequences . I very tired of those that continue to make bad choices want to visit their irresponsible on others . If you refuse to work for several generations and are content with welfare fine deal with it on your own . If you live a very risky life style and contract HIV, you smoke two packs a day, you drink more than half the nation, that’s on you! Just stop demanding we provide YOU with more than those that work , If we want dental we pay , if we want vision care we pay , if we visit the ER several times a month we pay , if we want a cell phone we pay , get where this is going yet ?


Steve/John isn’t the Gary Johnson type more the Bernie worshiper type


This is the problem you have some idea what poor means and your suggesting that you were and needed no help. So that means you needed no help but it dam well doesn’t tell the story of endless other situations where they do need help. They belong to a group of people in the world that are needy and need help from their fellow man to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads. Your idea of who these people are that need help, is only in your mind. You will charge them with every thing other then the fact that they are in need of help. Your painted picture in your mind of who these people are are simply selfish. If you want to talk about values and right and wrong , there is nothing listed more in the bible then our responsibility to take care of the people in need. It’s lister over 300 time. It’s easy to judge others when you never walked in their shoes and in most cases, you being one of them , you simply have no clue.
By the way I’ve worked in two programs housing and caring for families in need and young people who live on the street. for 7 years for Family Promise and 3 years for Open Doors for Youth.
So when I say you have no clue, I’m standing on a position of knowing, not your hate driven dribble.


Trying to confuse children with abled-bodied adult is an enabler’s trick . You spend many years in the Social Services and they provide you with more WORK then possible . So it is quite understandable you would fight to protect your JOB . What I witness is 35 year old men with benefits cards displaying $2000 tats , those nice gold grills , and $300 Jordans . I see those that let their gas and electric bills go until those shutoff notices arrive and we pay to get it turned back on . Go by most projects and you will see windows wide open at 20 degrees because they are too dam lazy to adjust the thermostat !
I see shopping carts full with ice cream , steaks , pork chops and a benefit card pays for it ALL .
In your next bible study try reading
Corinthians 3:8 He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor.
Matthew 25:26King James Version
Proverbs 10:4 King James Version
Proverbs 12:11
Proverbs 14:23
Proverbs 18:9


Well he claims to be but we know a person with several identities can rarely be trusted to tell the truth . We know he is a bleeding heart liberal ! quack , quack ,quack . :laughing::rofl:


I always like the routine that you haters take to justify not taking care of the needy. You know shit about this , You know a guy routine is about as nonsensical as it gets , you know a guy so all of them are that way. By the way expert, I volunteer and have never gotten payed for any of it , if anything it’s cost me. Your just another right wing hater that has no clue . None. There is no Bible verse that releases you from the Christian responsibility to take care of the needy and your attempt to do it just shows how pathetic you are. You belong to a hate party that tries to justify their hatred of the poor with excuses and they always know a guy. Your a one man comedy act.


All the dumb haters align themselves with the hate party because they all speak the same hate language , they are experts on the poor and they are the only patriots in the country and it is them and them alone that knows what the constitution means > they are a pitiful group that real men look down on and use as a example for their children to never become. They were to be pitied up until they elected a mental case that is the total definition of scum. They put this incompetent next to the little red button that once pushed ends mankind , something that even politicians from his own party are pointing out. He’s your president and him and the people who elected this threat to this country have to go. There is a army of people who will put in money and their time to achieve that, you will always wear the scarlet letter for selling out your country and you will go.


And it is because of you we have 4th generation welfare free loaders . You encourage dependency and are a total enabler ! Is it any wonder half the population is dependent ??? You think your some type of hero BUT you continually perpetuate that slave mentality of woo is me . Try teaching responsible the value of work and being a contributing member of society for a CHANGE ! Your no good doer YOU are the problem and have NO clue ! Laugh at that fact . YOUR A PHONEY !


Conservatives insist that the Vegas shooter’s gun arsenal is “a right,” but medical treatment for his 500+ survivors is merely “a privilege.”


On thing that the progressives will never understand is that the world is not fair. There will and always have been poor as all as wealthy and those in-between, the middle class.

In the US there are few poor today and poverty in the US is wealthy to the real poor in the world.

An interesting thing you claim others hate while your hate is directed at this that disagree with you.


Know what I mean or do you need more examples???


In case your not aware, every spending package must be voted on every year.

The military is a perfect example. During the Obama years, it was cut. How is that right to take away funding from a department authorized not by law but the constitution.

As to you subsidies for insurance companies, the ACA stipulate that payments end in 2017. Seems that is pretty clear.

As to ending the ACA, it will end itself with the fat ass Americans that require more and more healthcare and insurance companies leaving and no longer providing services. And yes Bubba, the ACA is unsustainable as healthcare spending from the government tops 1.1 trillion a year and growing. Cant wait for the next recession when the deficits go into uncharted territory and the reality hots the idiots in congress that there is a limit to what can be borrowed.


Hardly bubba.

But you will never understand as your blinders remain firmly in place.


So well said. I can’t see how anyone can make an argument against universal healthcare when you put it like that. Perhaps it’s time for some quid pro quo. We allow conservatives to cling to their guns in exchange for universal healthcare for all. That way the next time the 2nd Amendment results in a crowd of people being shot up, they won’t go bankrupt paying their medical expenses. Diet and exercise can’t stop someone openly expressing their love of the 2nd Amendment on the rest of us.


I sincerely doubt you have ever read the constitution.

I wonder how you can deem anything wacky when you are unaware what it says.


So how much are you willing to pay for universal healthcare covering everyone in the US??

California alone was estimated to be 400 billion dollars.

Are you willing to pony up anything???


Your so full of crap your eyes are brown. Your trying to sell scum bag care by introducing the pressure of competition, Well Universal healthcare has that 10 times over with defined prices for medical procedure and the pressure of 320 million people in one group setting prices. The insurance companies play or quit and disappear. , I voter for a whole lot of them to disappearing. Screw them, as in screw them instead of them screwing us. You people are simply being tooled by your controllers and those controllers make up the top tier of the uber rich. Your a fricken puppet. Your voice disappears immediately when facts are used and not the lies and distortion that your party requires to exist. Your nothing but a bad joke that only knows what they tell you to know.