Don't You Just Hate It When Everyone Won't Get On The Same Page 😠


When I reported earlier this year on the 58 scientific papers published in 2017 that say global warming is a myth the greenies’ heads exploded.
Since then, that figure has risen to 400 scientific papers.

Can you imagine the misery and consternation and horror this is going to cause in the corrupt, rancid, rent-seeking world of the Climate Industrial Complex?

I can. It will look something like this.

Just to be clear, so the greenies can’t bleat about being misrepresented, here is what these various papers say:

Modern temperatures, sea levels, and extreme weather events are neither unusual nor unprecedented. Many regions of the Earth are cooler now than they have been for most of the last 10,000 years.

Natural factors such as the Sun (106 papers), multi-decadal oceanic-atmospheric oscillations such as the NAO, AMO/PDO, ENSO (37 papers), decadal-scale cloud cover variations, and internal variability in general have exerted a significant influence on weather and climate changes during both the past and present. Detecting a clear anthropogenic forcing signal amidst the noise of unforced natural variability may therefore be difficult.

And current emissions-mitigation policies, especially related to the advocacy for renewables, are often costly, ineffective, and perhaps even harmful to the environment. On the other hand, elevated CO2 and a warmer climate provide unheralded benefits to the biosphere (i.e., a greener planet and enhanced crop yields).

In other words, nobody is denying that climate changes, nobody is denying that the planet has warmed by 0.8 degrees C in the last 150 years, while only a handful deny that carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) has the power to influence temperatures.

What they are saying in their different ways is that “global warming” – as in the big scare story that the planet is heating up at a catastrophic unprecedented rate because of man-made CO2 emissions – is bunk; or that the methods being used to combat the problem are bunk.

Here – courtesy of Kenneth Richard, who has waded through them all – are some examples of what they say.

It’s the sun, stupid! (106 papers stress solar influence on climate)


I guess the US Government is no longer funding climate change research. :wink:


Yes, but

48% of conservative Republicans.

69% of moderate republicans

76% of moderate democrats

80% of Liberal Democrats

Believe that Climate Scientists should be involved in US GCC policy!

So this won’t hold long term.


Hell… Democrats what everyone in government… or collecting a check from it…


GAO: Climate change already costing US billions in losses


All the more reason to switch to renewables.


Science is only valid when it confirms my agenda and bias. 1508803238240


Yep, but the vast majority of Americans, including half of republicans, want climate scientists involved in US policy with regard to GCC. So, the fringe right notwithstanding, the TIC is but a hiccup in the progress.


Wait , wait , wait , does that mean the dems can’t spend billions on fake shit ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:



I have no doubt that we would want actual, knowledgeable resources guiding our law makers but we have yet to hear any explanation from the manmade climate change ‘scientists’ just why their base data has been massaged which in turn is used in models that seem to show a wide variety of outcome… non of which have come to pass. When real scientists are giving real data to put into properly functioning non bias models and it shows this a manmade component then perhaps people will get behind the results. Unfortunately, we know that all of the major data sources have been manipulated or corrupted to the point that models, regardless of their accuracy will show bogus results… i.e. Shit in… Shit out.

The ‘science’ community and people who like race baiters that make a fabulous living off of keeping the race issue alive, have done this to themselves… People like Al Gore are pimps for this subject… and everyone knows it.


A shame the pundits and hucksters like Johnny do not address the root cause if in fact there is climax change.


The hucksters can say all they want, move to renewables the reality 10 billion people will pollute far more than 7 billion people as 20 billion will pollute more that 7 billion people. Yet they chant, rant and rave, solar energy which has minor problems collection energy at night and wind power which kills a few birds and is problematic when the wind stops.

But onward and upward into the abyss of change without thought and fields of windmills populating our once beautiful landscape.


Funny how you mention overpopulation, when the west keeps dumping free food and resources to aid the afican continent and other “3rd world countries” for years, resulting in a forever 3rd world that keeps on reproducing and dependent on foreign aids. Why, you ask, is that a bad thing? Bc even their native farmers and entrepreneurs cant compete with “free”. Watch this documentary and youll see, that “charity” org. just like the clinton foundation is only a “non-profit org” in name.


Nature Takes Its Course - Eliminating Overpopulation


Wait until penicillin stops working… I read an article that says some 100 million Americans carry around some STD or another with strains of gonorrhea that have already become treatment resistant… but the left continue to push the liberal sexual agenda… of course it makes for a good distraction and makes their minions feel… freeeeeee.


7 billion people and it’s not even a blip on the radar.


Of the 684 cases reported as of October 12, 474 were pneumonic plague, 156 bubonic and 1 septicemic plague. A further 54 were unspecified, according to WHO.
Of Madagascar’s 114 districts, 35 have reported cases of plague, including at least 10 cities.

Again, charity food is in no way, shape or forms, healthy food, so we are basically feeding a disease prone population with cheap food that further compromise their immune system, which also feeds into the disease being more resistant to

WHO delivered more than 1.2 million doses of antibiotics and released $1.5 million in emergency funds earlier this month.
The Red Cross has released more than $1 million to deploy a treatment center

Things like this are what give rise to H5n1 and other epidemics, where scientists simply cannot keep up with the explosion in human-aided evolution and spread of said diseases.


Climate scientists universally (with some exceptions) agree that THIS event of global warming is due to human activity, and namely burning fossil fuels. If over population is the cause, why aren’t the deniers in the GOP leadership pounding that along with solutions. :joy:


What is political correctness?


Well, it is kind of hard when you have been backed in a corner by progressive liberals… see the value and family based life of self reliance is self limiting as long as people are held to personal responsibility… Religious missions that use to build schools and teach people to grow their own food and in doing so insured that families would grow no faster than their own ability to feed themselves but the free for all equality based pablum of the left have insured that people have all the cheap unhealthy food they need to procreate without worry… of course the progressive left has always relied on eugenics to manipulate the population… and yes, Margarete Sanger was a eugenics loving democrat long before she became a republican… You see, it is hard to place abstinence and sanctity of life at the forefront of a society where the public school teaches anal sex and outfits 6th grade girls with IUD’s without the consent or even the knowledge of the parent…


As you ignore the real problem, to many people.

But you are great with the lipstick for the pig.