Don't You Just Hate It When Everyone Won't Get On The Same Page 😠



Oh my, here is a video to accommodate such


Of course their is a considerable difference between ‘Climate Science’ and Climate Religion… separation of Church and State Remember… Auh Yes… progressives don’t consider themselves an organized religion… even if they really are.


Well, anyone listening would have been hearing the solutions and indeed thought about the many deficiencies pushed by progressives that have lead to such a state of dependence. It only stands to reason that if you give a starving people an abundance of food with no responsibility to grow their own, the will make babies… lots and lots of babies. This in turn creates more dependence and yes… more babies. That might sound cruel to you but nature (and we are still very much surrounded by nature in this very thin cocoon of civility) still operates in the realm of ‘Survival of the Fittest’… If their is a purveyor of the global population problem… it is once again the progressive mindset.

Of course, should progressives actually get their way in the west… and robots make individuals excess to purpose… I’m am sure that not unlike other socialist ‘societies’… the culling will begin.


The key word.
Maybe they don’t believe you and the left and the paid for climate scientists.

Pounding over population, solutions??? See they don’t believe you.