Dorsa Derakshani - What Real Feminism Looks Like


Dorsa Derakhshani, an Iranian chess champion, has been expelled from the Iranian national team for not wearing the veil. She’s taking a real, mortal risk. Unlike the feminists in their college safe spaces dressed as vaginas.


This young lady is doing this while facing the threat of physical punishment, torture, humiliation, incarceration, and possibly death. Our SJW lunatics put the headscarf on as a ‘protest’ against things they do not understand. This young lady is a hero.


Right, she has lost her place on the chess team over this and at the end of the day she will likely receive some sort of horrific treatment by her government because she chose personal freedom over Islamic subjugation. Then the idiots here in this country put on the very piece of clothing that this woman is standing up against.


I fully support any woman who tosses that headrag in the trash where it belongs. You don’t see her begging for asylum despite the certainty of her fate.