Dr Seuss strikes again


What do you think ?


Some of the comments on that video show what’s wrong with this country.

Here’s an example:

Sean Barnes: This country was founded on the back of people of color…but god forbid we ask that people love instead of hate each other. You are no dr seuss your rhymes are not funny your privilege is clear so again hate wins instead of getting things clear…the left is no enemy neither is the right the enemy we face is bigots and the like

We also have no-name children’s authors beginning to tear down the greatest author of children’s books in history.

Three authors who’s works are unsuitable for children: Mo Willems, Mike Curato and Lisa Yee


It’s hilarious and terrifying how easily these morons can be incited to rage.

Dr. Seuss was a huge lefty, one of the biggest cucks of all, and used bottom rung infantile rhyme to promote literally degenerated characters to children.


They are eating their own !


…and when it comes to identity politics, the most powerful weapon used by the Regressive Left is the heckler’s veto.