Dreams of Infrastructure


Infrastructure is many things in politics.

I’ve seen it held up as a useless expense (remember the bridge to nowhere?) and also as a campaign promise (among many many others, from the current occupant of the White House.)

It’s very topical at the present time in the form of flood control, repairs, development, and climate change. A national wave of infrastructure building has been a good idea since at least the 90’s and I’m sure before, and since the post WW2 era, only halfheartedly implemented with ARRA.

If we’re interested in good ideas to take to voters in 2018, it seems to me the smart people here will have ideas to develop their own backyards. I know many of you, like me, take intense interest in the building up of the cities we live in. One of my dreams is to sell Arizona’s solar power to California and Utah, and even farther away using sunlight and chemistry to replace petrochemicals.

Consider yourselves challenged to give a positive perspective. Tell me your dreams of infrastructure!


Floating solar farms of photovoltaic panels situated on the shipping routes would collect energy and store it as hydrogen (or peroxide or other energy-rich substance). Cargo ships would stop off and fill their tanks. Water cooling increases efficiency, and for storms the system simply submerges until the storm passes. For Northwest Passage routes, wind turbines would fill this role.

Similar installations offshore a major city can provide both power and clean water–already being developed now, as I understand it.


I’ve been saying this for years but we seem to have a bunch people who seem to thick that the whole would is love and peace that we don’t want to ‘waste’ the money on protecting our national interest… of course some people are quite happy to see our national interest evaporate… Talk about carnage… just wait until the lights go out in the urban jungles created by … those who care more about efficiently herding a population then letting it live…


And what about the last 8 years of infrastructure dreaming ? What the hell did Obama do for 8 years ?