Due process


Something to keep in mind as the accusations come flying in… due process for all.

Duke players are another example that comes to mind.


What accusations are you referring to?


I purposely left it open ended. There’s many acquisitions in the news right now. The one that came to mind for me was the guy who killed himself in Kentucky. Just because he killed himself amid reports doesn’t mean anything. It may have nothing to do with it or everything to do with it. I’m currently looking into the kycir.org as they seem very legitimate with accusations that have been published against both Dems and rep, but it goes to show you the true importance of verifying news when it could have these implications.


I think he was saying, with his singular but often repeated example, that all allegations must be proven… due process isn’t a sometimes thing… Star Tribunals on college campuses are a prime example of decisions made without do process… medial lynchings are another… but then again… you already knew that didn’t you?


All allegations must be proven, except allegations made against Republicans. That’s the consistent narrative.


What allegations have been proven against Conyers and Franken??


Conyers: Paid, tax-payer funded settlements for sexual assault and harassment.
Franken: Photos of the guy literally being a scumbag.


I don’t think either of them have been convicted in a court of law, but rather the court of public opinion as with Moore and O’reilly.


Says the guy who was shouting Moore down from the rooftops. Hypocritical much?


That’s the court of public opinion, the same court that brought down O’reilly and Franken. But, as I’ve made clear here on multiple occasions about Moore. My chief criticism of him, and the reason I feel he is unqualified for office is his insistence on holding “gods law” above US law.


Kind of a really bad tit for tat battle in religious ideologies… Christians vs progressives… I would say that when it comes to there heart felt beliefs that neither are particularly aligned with the Constitution… but I would say that the Constitution is more closely aligned with Christian values than the relative values of progressives. Rule of Law seems to get twisted by progressives far more than Christians…of course the bible isn’t a moving target, progressive ideology has always been a difficult target to hit…


Ok, well the broad problem you refer to isn’t just on the left, it’s everywhere.


Stevie John is worried some republican will get due process . shrug . :wink:


Similar things happen all over colleges, which often involve alcohol or bad decisions and hurt feelings. Here is an example I posted long ago, and even with textual evident proving that the alleged rapist and victim were “friends with benefits” i.e. sex buddy, the court still delay his exoneration, the media still lynch him, and the “victim” gets off famously


I feel bad for kids in college these days. When I was in college it was just a lot of fun. We would go to the bar, get drunk, hit on girls and get laid if the night was good. What the hell was wrong with living like that? It worked perfectly for generations!


Before, if the girls regret it, worst off, she throws shoes at you. Nowadays, the colleges teacher them to be the master of their body, (white) men are at fault for everything i.e. the wage gap, and gender discrimination, and that men treat women like objects, and they wont miss any chance to use a woman’s body for pleasure etc… BUT dont worry, you can always run to the government for everything, be it monetary compensation or dignity, rights, power, welfare etc… Marry the States, not the men, for the States will provide for you.

The story below is irrelevant, but it exemplifies a lot of “qualities” that women inherently posses, which are being amplified to toxic proportions due to the double standards that societies / the laws / the States have allowed them to


That is hilarious. That post about about Will is epic. Will is a badass. haha


Good thing this wasn’t a college romance, or she’d charge him with rape- and he’d be expelled for uhm, uh, disrespecting her gold digging (?)


Really wouldnt make a difference. If she accuses him of rape, 80% he would be behind bars.