Dumbest People to Walk the Face of the Earth


So there’s been a bunch of “Families Belong Together” marches across the country. I mean, come on. Trump literally ended this nine days ago. These marches are absolutely useless, just like most left wing marches.
See, it’s kind of funny actually. Democrats absolutely hate it when ANYONE brings up the fact that these family separations have been taking place since 1996. Friendly reminder, the rapist Bill Clinton was a Democrat. George W. Bush continues this. No outrage, because let’s face it, the Bush’s are more left leaning. Then in comes the Obama Administration. Another reminder, statistics show more family separations than Trump under Obama. Trump is elected, he continues it, there’s outrage. I get it, liberals hate Republicans. However, the President signed a bill ending the separations on the border. I’m still trying to find an answer to this. Are these protesters just completely stupid? Or is there something only they know that no one else does?


Come on Luke, be a conservative if that’s what you value, be a far right conservative if that’s what makes you happy. But please don’t start out your political career with being hypocritical, partisan and name calling. People who have different values than you don’t have to be low IQ as you called them yesterday, or dumb as you’re calling them just now.

They know that the separation policy was terminated, but reunification is not going well, and there have been republicans to acknowledge that. Kind of like when the Obama administration rolled out the PPACA and they were woefully unprepared for what ensued. If the marches are peaceful, and nobody’s hurt, why are you upset at people for exercising their constitutional right.


They weren’t expecting Trump to change direction on them that fast. Soros probably already paid for all of the signs, buses, sheep, and community organizers. The show must go on!


Most humans would object to treating puppies in a pound the way these kids are being treated by this President. What is wrong with YOU?




I don’t like how they’re being treated. Who would? But I’m just wondering why there’s outrage now, and not when Obama did it.


Your photos prove that this isn’t about borders, this is about resisting Trump.


So we should abolish all laws that break them up when criminals are sent to prison. Oh wait, no, you don’t actually care when American citizens commit crimes and go to jail, do you.


Does this mean that Democrats support tightening up divorce laws to make it much harder for families to be separated?


Exactly! That means the Capital Gazette shooter shouldn’t receive jail time because he are separated from his parents. Entering the US is a crime, committing a mass shooting is a crime. Either choose one or the other.



If you don’t like how they are being treated then stop going along with the racists who want to keep brown children in cages like dogs!

No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here!


Just how terrible were they being treated?.. I would suggest that with a little rearrangement for families, they will have accommodation that isn’t any different from what they had before… Theirs will be just as nice… the parents that drug them across the desert just got an upgrade…


Wanting to stop illegal immigration isn’t racism. I’m not for what they are doing directly at the border, but the parents know that they are going to be separated.

I agree, refugees are welcome here. As long as they come here legally.


Why you got to bring race into this… their are plenty of white kids separated from their parents for a lot of reasons… It just so happens that those who are invading our borders are coming from the south and not the north… Melanin is not the issue…


It might mean that the parents who leave behind their families to illegally enter the US should be immediately deported back to their families.


Remember your SHOCK and crying when Trump was elected. Well, you may want to prepare yourself. A block full of libs feeding on hate and fabricated rhetoric is nothing compared to those sitting back ready to vote straight GOP as log as it takes. Dems out of control!


As Trump stated, the more people try to “Abolish ICE”, the more votes the Republicans will get in the Midterm election.


They’re not the brightest, perhaps, but the more fundamental problem is that they’re being manipulated by the Cathedral media. They’re lemmings, really, moral lemmings who are happy to hand-wave away national resources, identity, borders, and basic principles of common sense so that they can (evidently) feel good about themselves.

Of course, if we were to grant that any Third Worlder with a hackneyed claim of asylum gets to enter a Western country, then the only practical question remaining is how many millions? There are about 30 million people in the so-called “Northern Triangle,” the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. And why stop there? There are hundreds of millions living in abject poverty today. We could import them all, pushing America’s population across the 1 billion mark, turning the United States into a largely Third World country. Now that’s what I call #Progress!


Well, unfortunately, they are sending a message…but the wrong one. They are telling illegal invaders they are welcome. They are giving the illegal invaders our tax money, our jobs and our territory. That message has been received loud and clear.