Dumbest People to Walk the Face of the Earth


The thing that bothers me the most is that illegal immigrants get payed more than U.S. veterans.



Also - they have a formal list of demands.


She won’t answer that because she had no proof that anything bad was happening at all. She just parrots whatever commie rhetoric MSNBC spoon feeds her.


Obama was caught flat footed too with a sudden influx, there was a difference however in that not every single person was being charged criminally as was the case with ZTIP. It’s understandable why the liberal press wasn’t plastering it all over the nightly news, but one wonders why Fox wasn’t covering it.


What on earth is that suppose to mean and where’s your link defending it?



Oh I see, you had me confused when you said “payed”.


Bad wording on my behalf.


No worries. You got something going for Fourth of July.


I just drove my bike though a once African American neighborhood now it’s been invaded by thousands that don’t speak English thanks to democrats, destroying their neighborhoods.


The Veterans Affairs Administration is the second largest federal agency, second only to the DOD (I think) the report you posted is big I’ll have a look at it later but I’m hard pressed to believe that the difference between what illegals contribute and cost is greater than the VAA.


Got any credible proof of that???


The reality is they dislike Trump so much any reason is a great reason to protest against the president.


Illegals claim welfare benefits through their anchor-baby children. That’s why they have so many of them. Guaranteed pay, food, and housing.


The first pictures claiming Trump was treating children like puppies in a pound came from 2014 when Obama was treating children like puppies in a pound.


Yet they demonstrate against Trump.

Morons one and all.


Illegals are subjective as you’re finding out.


Caught flatfooted my ass… He eliminated screening programs that existed in the region. The facility in Costa Rica run by the UN still exists… It is a safe haven from violence but Obama instead chose to cut aid and created his own problem (I say it was a problem but it could have been by design) Of course if he was caught flat footed as you say… it was he whole built the border detention centers it the first place… and then when that was to much trouble, he instituted catch and release…


The wordplay and doublespeak by the left when it comes to Obama is always entertaining. They honestly think we won’t pick up on it.


Yes, Obama was completely unprepared for the huge numbers of asylum seekers coming to the border. It’s not an excuse, it’s an observation of the reality at the time. Obama most certainly could have done a better job. And we can do better now.

“In the United States, the federal government’s inadequate response to the Central American migrants has now resulted in two political imbroglios. The first came in 2014, when the Obama administration disregarded warnings signs and was caught unprepared for a surge of unaccompanied minors and families with children.“