Duterte tells Philippine soldiers to shoot female communist rebels in their vaginas


That’s it. I’m going to start a petition on change.org to have Duterte granted US citizenship and be appointed as the Attorney General. If we want to crush the deep state, clean-up the FBI, solve the illegal drug problem, and get rid of Antifa, and end illegal immigration…we have our man.


“If there is no vagina, it would be useless,” Duterte continued, appearing to imply that women are useless without their genitals, according to local media reports.

Feminists BTFO. Total madman.


Name the petition: Duterte Did Nothing Wrong


Leftists will denounce this but won’t say a word about FGM. This is top quality bait.

SJW Non-Binary Feminist: “Duterte is a misogynistic lunatic and Drumpf!”

Upstanding Citizen: “What are your thoughts on FGM?”



This whole thing is ludicrous.

The commies are his enemies. Do we now have to speak nicely of our enemies even in a situation that is considered to be war?