Economists agree: Trump, not Obama, gets credit for economy


The Americans funded the FSA against the Syrian government.


Trump started funding Kurds. Something Obama didn’t do.


The Obama administration started that in 2015.

So you’re just wrong.


“On 9 May 2017, it was announced by the Pentagon that American President Donald Trump approved of a plan that would have the United States directly provide heavy armaments to the major SDF component group, the YPG; the plan comes before a planned final offensive to capture Raqqa from ISIL”

From your own source.

Before Trump we were barely giving them anything, as shown by your source as well. This goes with what I said about Trump increasing the size of the military and using that increase in size to combat ISIS which was successfully defeated.


You haven’t mentioned how my source says “we were barely giving them anything”

On 12 October 2015, the Pentagon confirmed U.S. C-17 transport aircraft having dropped 100 pallets with 45 tons of arms and ammunition over SDF-controlled territory in Rojava. Polat Can, spokesman of the SDF component militia People’s Protection Units (YPG), identified the freight as being “assault rifles, mortars and ammunition, but no TOW anti-tank missiles nor anti-aircraft weapons”.[143][144] The airdrop came only days after the Pentagon had officially abandoned its failed $500 million train-and-equip program of “moderate rebels” fighting ISIL.

After two Syrian air force SU-24´s started air strikes in Al-Hasakah, on 19 August 2016,[52] near where coalition forces were conducting operations on the ground, coalition aircraft arrived and the United States Department of Defense said that “It troubles us when we see regime air strikes in Hasakah in an area where it is well known by everybody, to include the Assad regime, that the coalition is actively engaged in operations against Isis”,[53] implicitly recognizing that elite troops are training and supporting the YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forces in the area.

And that’s just two examples.


A note, Obama is nothing but a footnote in history getting smaller with every executive order cancelling his executive order legacy.


And yet, the jobs the come… the bonuses come… the factory commitments come… the wages rise… unemployment for minorities drops and more women are working than in the last 17 years. Taxes aren’t finished, neither is regulatory review, neither is welfare review… and neither is the reversal of importing cheap labor that has destroyed wages… It takes time… One year is not a lot of time to turn around a socialist driven economy. … but the good news is that 8 years will put a pretty good dent in it…


I wonder if regressive liberals are just stupid, or do they just hate America so much they will do anything to hurt the only president we have had in decades who puts us first? And are they so stupid as to think that once a massive debt is incurred, no money can be spent until it is paid off? So clearly what these treasonists want is for everything to shutdown until the Obama debt is paid for. Nice.