Economists: Sweden's housing market is the world's most risky


Sweden’s housing market is the most risky in the world, according to economists at Oxford University.

Reports on the Swedish housing bubble continue to come in. Now, economists at Oxford University find that the housing market is the biggest risk for a fall in prices, reports Bloomberg.

“Characteristic of Sweden, and countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and Canada, is a long-term housing bubble and high debt as a significant part of the debt rate,” says Adam Slater , senior economist at Oxford University.

These countries have the most risky housing markets in the world…where Sweden takes first place.

Source: Economists: Sweden’s housing market is the world’s most risky


The basis / reason for this financial foolishness is that “the chosen ones” trick out money through their system of banks, every time someone borrows money. That’s why everybody is attracted and forced to borrow more and more. PLUS interest, a devilish invention!

The chosen ones have set this trap, and almost everyone gets stuck in the trap.

The politicians let this happen, because they are bought by the chosen ones.

Solution? Look at what Germany did to their banks in the 1930s


I’m pretty sure a suicidal policy of ultra-low interest rate to spur “Consumption” has a LOT to do with this Problem!
The “Wealth Effect” is what we are feeling because “Consumption” is MUCH MORE Important then Heterosexual Family Formation Am I Right?
Boomers Sucking the Money Out of the Young like Vampires Sucking Blood!