Election meddling is an attack worth starting a war


The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained documents revealing the flow of money from the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to various countries in efforts to provide the Obama administration its preferred outcome in foreign elections.

“[The Obama administration] actively went about either destabilizing or trying to influence governments and electoral processies around the world,” Judicial Watch Director of Research Chris Farrell told FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs on Monday.

State Department records show USAID used taxpayer funds to back billionaire investor George Soros’s left-wing political operations in other countries, according to Judicial Watch.

“Our State Department is really Soros-occupied territory,” Farrell said. “He is probably more influential in his thinking, and his language and conduct is really the guiding light in our State Department today.”

Judicial Watch says the documents reveal former President Barack Obama’s State Department meddled in the foreign elections of Israel, Russia, Macedonia, Albania, Libya, Egypt and Great Britain.

“The list you gave was the foreign policy of the Obama administration,” Farrell said on “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” referring to the outlined list of countries.

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State and USAID reveal instances where USAID funds were funneled through that agency’s Civil Society Project to back Soros’s left-wing Open Society Foundations.

“In some instances, we were paying Soros to do it for us,” Farrell said.

Should Israel, Russia, Macedonia, Albania, Libya, Egypt and Great Britain attack us in return for attacking them??

Election meddling is an attack on our country according to the left.

We deserve to be attacked then.



I hate to break it to you but the US has been doing that for a century and far worse. Regime change, false flag attacks, assasinations, etc., If you want to be taken seriously, call out the whole history of American violations of international law and its sabatoge of democracy around the world…


But its the Obama Democrats who are freaking out right now over Russian meddling. THAT is the difference. The point of the article is, Dems should shut up and look at their own Kenyan God who was more like Putin than Putin.


Well, in fairness to you TT, you don’t know me but I’ve been bitching about all of it for years.


@Montecresto1 if you want to be taken seriously then put your money where your mouth is. If you hate America so much then head south of the border and renounce your citizenship. Then you can cry about how America is victimizing you from a shithole country that you belong in.


And again, the US has been doing this for a century, it’s not JUST Obama.


Every country tries to have some influence in other countries that they have an interest in. It’s why we have embassies all over the world and it’s why every country has an embassy here in the US. Have you not heard of this?


Ty, is that to say you support the US in regime changes, assasinations, statecraft, etc.,?


Yes. I support the US doing whatever it takes to advance our interests. I put America first all day, every day. You should try it sometime. It makes things simple. Lesser countries are not equal to us.


But its Obama and his ilk who are trying to accuse Russia of meddling, and then use that LIE to take down Trump. They are the one likening meddling to Pearl Harbor.

Am I just talking into the wind here? Somebody help me out.


Amen brother. Spreading Liberty and Freedom is no vice


Hey, I know lots of people that support American violations to IL, no wonder you guys don’t mind the Russians doing it here.


Your kidding of course. Every one of Trumps IC are accusing Russia of that. Don’t be obtuse.


You know what I meant.I meant collusion. And you also know that the Dems don’t give a fuck about Russian meddling, they just want to tie it to Trump to take him down. They are filthy lowlifes trying to overthrow a president, and they are pissing off a superpower to do it, accusing Russia of acts of war when Obama did worse.

By the way, I can’t keep talking to that goofy avatar of yours.


Just kidding, my friend. That was an old joke I learned in high school.

The left is adept at criticizing the right for what the left is doing. The Russians have ‘meddled’ in our elections for decades. The US has put its thumb on the scale of elections and revolutions in other countries for decades.

We gained out independence from the King with help from the French and the Spanish. Prussia (which later turned into Germany) also gave us assistance.

Countries have been helping other countries change their governments for centuries. It should be expected to continue as long as there is such a thing as national sovereignty.

The 2016 interference from Russia in our election was not unique. However, the use of social media made it easier for Russian bots and non-government entities to…shall we say…fuck with us.

The Democrat Party used a fabricated ‘dossier’ to smear the Trump with accusations of collusion (which is not illegal) with the Russians when in reality it was the Democrat Party using Russian ‘intelligence’ to affect the election.

The fact that Hillary lost the election by assuming 100% support from the useful idiots that the Democrats normally swoon into voting for whatever asshole they nominate put a wrench in the gearbox and caused the Democrats to realize that they were in deep shit concerning their interaction with Steele and the Russians. This is why Hillary screamed, “We’re fucked!”

They all knew that the Republicans (with majorities in both Houses of Congress) would control all of the committees that have oversight prerogatives over the DOJ…and they knew that the DOJ was party to their illegal behavior.

Thus followed the obstruction (by the DOJ) in the form of redactions of things they did release and in refusal to release all documents requested.

Hillary was right. They are fucked!..and they did it to themselves!


And yet you moronS chant RUSSIA , RUSSIA , RUSSIA ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I don’t know what that damn party cares about and I don’t care. I do care about the Trump campaign and Trump’s public appeal to Russia to help him get dirt on HRC and Jr.s email that he’d love to have dirt on her.


Whooo , who got dirt on who ? :roll_eyes: Why would the FBI pay for dirt on Trump ? Who got wire tapped ? Who had an FBI spy enter their campaign ? How did this DNC , FBI ,and Hillary dirt lead to FISA warrants ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


And you know that this is the basis for firing up their base for the election.

As perpetrators of war the Dems could care less as long as they win.


But I didn’t say that A, and two, you don’t take anybody serious that you disagree with. So I don’t care what you think. :wink: