Electrical Engineer Accused by Feminist of Mansplaining for Correcting Bad Hurricane Survival Advice


Woman spreads harmful hurricane advice. Engineer corrects her. Engineer gets accused of mansplaining.

Enjoy your drained phones.


I know it makes me a bad person, but there are times that I just wish that none of these people get the advice they need in natural disaster situations. We should just prove Darwin right.


It doesn’t make you a bad person it’s just a natural reaction to stupidity. I think we are hardwired to want to distance ourselves safely away from stupid people. Stupid people tend to do stupid things that put other people at risk. So we distance ourselves while the idiots are attracted like a moth to the flame. I just think that’s how it’s supposed to work.


“Mansplaining” otherwise known as fact, science, and logic.


I have never and won’t ever have a Twitter account but… sometimes… just sometimes… its all I can do to hold my tounge with people like her… not to say that it is only ‘she’s’ that refuse to listen… @Champ is oh so right…


A perfect example of the corrupted and toxic liberal mind at work. Don’t listen to the electrical engineer who’s trying to help you, listen to the uneducated dolt playing with batteries. Good luck, have fun.


And if you can’t ship in a hurricane indicates you should have thought of it sooner.


I knew we should never have given them the vote.


(phunky will be showing up any moment to put me in my well deserved male box)


“Hey look, we think people are respnosible for global warming and CO2 emisions, we need to pay massive amount of money to ‘developing’ nations so they can upgrade their power grids, like india and china”

“but that would drain our economy, while the environmental regulations will kill off businesses at home and move them to said countries. And then we end up poor but not ‘green’ while cities are abandonded and become the next Detroit, IL or Gary, IN. Also, climate of the earth has been changing for years before human even …”


Global warming in a nutshell.