Ellis Island didn't allow just anyone in either (you loony libs)

I heard this on Fox News but here is a site, which i have not availed myself of yet bc… computer glitch, will try again later

But yeh, people w ho were sick were turned back and others…

so much for you libs’ argument that We are a nation of immigrants… all that stuff about the huddled masses all being accepted but now the big bad Donald comes along and ruins everything…


Your linked article was very interesting. Not sure, but I do believe that “Give me your poor, your tired, your masses yearning to breathe free” was artistic commentary that came after Ellis Island was designated the processing station for immigrants.

Far as criteria for rejection, a positive Wasserman (method of testing for syphilis at that time) & accute contagious conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, were grounds as well.

I do believe “most” immigrants, back then, needed a sponsor.

I do believe you’re correct but again many business sponsored them as well. Beginning of industrial revolution was well under way.

Quite a few were turned away and sent back to their home countries.
They had a list of questions they asked to “vet” for seditious and communist leaning immigrants. They and the sick were not allowed entry.

They processed up to 5,000 per day in the peak of immigration.