Emanuel to sue Feds over new Sanctuary City Rules


Neat trick when your broke,

(CHICAGO) Mayor Emanuel says he’s going to sue the Trump Justice Dept on Monday over its new Sanctuary City rules.

New rules just out prevent Sanctuary Cities like Chicago to get certain law enforcement grants and so the mayor says Chicago will file suit to kill the rules and get the millions in question.

In an interview with WLS-AM for Sunday’s edition of “Bill Cameron and Connected to Chicago”, the mayor said “We are not going to be put in a position of choosing who we are as a welcoming city and strengthening our police dept. These are exactly the kind of training and technology you want to be investing in right now and also do it in a way that the community’s involved.”

The Mayor also tells Cameron that he’s no longer Bruce Rauner’s friend, even as Rauner said this week he still considers the two of them to be friends.

You can hear the entire conversation with Mayor Emanuel on “Connected to Chicago”, Sunday night, 7 – 8pm on WLS-AM 890.

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If you continue to violate LAWS why would you need more money to enforce LAWS ?


Wait, the Israeli who has run Chiraq into the ground thinks he can sue the Federal Government for not letting him break Federal law? (((Chutzpah))).


I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t see what they can possibly do after the lawsuit against Arizona where the court ruled that the Feds have so much control over immigration policy that local governments aren’t even allowed to ENFORCE federal immigration law if the feds don’t want them to.


going to be interesting when his lawyers try to explain why it’s blackmail when trump does it to sanctuary cities, but it’s righteous use of federal power when obama did it to schools refusing to put in transgender restrooms …