Emotional support animal crap!


Okay I have to jump on the emotional support animal crap!

Why are people so weak these days? What is the problem? The suicide rate is not falling and the fact is we never had them in the 70s, 80s, 90s… Now people need them? We are a sick culture and one more thing… IT IS ABOUT MONEY!

Yeah! An entire market was created as people were convinced they needed them. Many psychiatrists and psychologists have been convincing people that they can not overcome their issues. I really have to wonder what the kickbacks are like?

If I needed support I looked at me! Was I doing something wrong? I looked at those around me. Was it the other people that had a problem? I learned proper coping skills and I only got a trophy if I accomplished something. Yeah I only have two! One from 1983 when I played football and we won the county and a bigger one for making the state championships.

I had to work for everything I have and with the support of God and family (allowing me to do what I needed to do and giving me the health to do it). I have a wall full of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and certifications (10+ in business, engineering, computer related and technical). Sadly I never got a high school diploma! They kicked me out and said go join the army!

I grew up poor, there was mental and physical abuse, we ate whatever we could eat and sometimes that was fried flat dough with sugar or jelly if I was lucky. We moved quite a bit and I was always the new guy.

I always had an uphill fight being new but I learned to negotiate with my fists and it cost me. Yeah I have been to reform school and jail for fighting. I have been sued for hurting people but I was always found not guilty.

So when I hear about a person with a support pig getting kicked off of a plane or all this support animal crap I start to feel a little sick. God, my family, my brain and my fists were my support and this confuses me. When did growing up become like this.

Another sign of our societal sickness.


Lol, never even heard of this till you pointed it out. What bullshit.


Oh those tender snowflakes harmed so dam easily ! Must be time for those coloring books again ! :laughing: :laughing:


Wait this is actually a thing? I have a dog that’s my best bud. We go on walks, play fetch, and I always pick him up some cool new toys he can tear to shreds. He guards the house and strikes to kill anyone who knocks on the door. Do I have an emotional support animal?


No, you don’t have an emotional support animal. You have a dog. You don’t substitute your dog for human interaction and emotional support. Anyone who does have an emotional support animal is probably a weak-willed human being incapable of solving their own problems and needs to complain to an animal that can’t talk back to them.


People are this stupid…


American Airlines should have prevented her from boarding the plane with the pig to begin with. When my wife and I travel out of state, we will fly with our dog. Our dog does not sit with us in the cabin. Unfortunately he has to go down below in storage.


I’s a great excuse to take your pet with you anywhere you go. Just put on a service animal vest and you have it.


I’m going to get a pet chicken and put a service animal vest on it just to see what happens.


Don’t take to KFC or your local grocery store.



Total fucking bullshit and a money making SCAM.


Well… While I agree with you and just like the abuse of handicapped parking these people are a moral scourge, they, and the business they use (like the one you linked), appear to be well within the law as written. Its like people scouring the tax code to escape paying a tax… if it wasn’t there, they couldn’t use it. Here in the UK their seems to be a moral backlash pointed at people who put their assets in what is called ‘tax avoidance schemes’… but it is clearly legal… Again we get to blame lawmakers who’s primary task seems to be preparing for the next time they are not in session.


The industry of victimization is lucrative: just check out the subscription practice for anti depressants and ADHD medications. Both are detrimental to the human’s brains, especially when taken at a very young age. I figure that “service animals” are the same, another accessory that people are convinced to have “for their own well beings” while getting the government/state involved in enforcing it. And the young liberal minds would jump at any opportunity to make themselves “special” i.e. “hey check out my service boa, and its fine, i can bring it into a restaurant and they are required by laws to let me keep xer”.

And you know the business of selling pet food / care / acceessories would be booming right? No longer are they confined to dogs, cats, and little rats.


Humans have been domesticating… er subjugating… wildlife from the beginning of time…


And the animals love it. My dog hates going out in the rain.


I know if I owned a pig, it would love to have its own seat while jetting the world…:grin: