Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic


It is time to put down ANTIFA as a truly subversive gorilla organization and perhaps when ICE sends people out… they should have a well armed covering detail… Lay waste to a few dozen of these lawbreakers and I think a lot of ANTIFA ‘grassroots’ members will meekly return to the basements they dwell in.

Undated Entry: I had posted the Moore link in error… this is the one I had intended to post… sorry.


Moore’s backing of Hillary showed he’s totally fine with Wall Street, foreign wars and plutocratic trade deals. He only pretends to be against them when he can point his finger at somebody like Bush.


Or promoting a movie.


Michael Moore is by far the most useless liberal advocate I can think of off the top of my head.

This sickening excuse for a man is most likely one of those men who go all day with eye matter in the corner of their eye. Never wipes the morning crud from his SNORING FUCKING MOUTH.

His socks are moldy just like his feet, he ain’t been able to look down and see his dick in 20 years.

Never bathes, he wears a cap because his hair is sticking to his head. Smells like feet…or a litter box.


I don’t understand. Your post is about Antifa but your link is about that fat slob Moore.


ANTIFA is the Liberal version of the SA Brown Shirts . They resort to violence in order to Attempt to Intimidate those who disagree with them . They are Aided and Abetted by a Complicit print and TV media which spread Propaganda worse than Joseph Goebels ever did and are the Scourge of the U.S.


My most humble apologies… the thread was started because of this article… Somehow I posted the wrong link… I guess I was just raging at the whole Liberal Milatant Complex… :blush:


Not to change the subject too much, but has anyone been receiving virus warnings while on Freebird ? I’ve been receiving them on an off for about a week . Maybe this is subversion by some Anarchist Leftist Democratic Group.


Haven’t seen them to date.


Careful, at least one poster here will chastise that language.


Could be some right wing think tank just as readily.


Isn’t that cute.


Haha, what have you been doing Freedom???


Nothing but replying to your mostly INANE comments. Ha Ha Ha


You mean brilliant!!!


Ah… yes… it was ‘right wing’ interference that caused patriot to relocate his server to Iceland… Auh Huh…


They might as well by synonymous .



1 : empty, insubstantial
2 : lacking significance, meaning, or point : silly

No, he got it right.


Nice…the TIC?


Thanks LouMan, CharlieFoxTrot must be describing Michael Moore.