Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic


Little reading issue today???


Or the white nationalists, skin heads, white supremists and KKK. Another day at freebird where partisans only see one color.


Brownshirts and their more American cousins the Black Shirts had nothing really to do with color and much more to do with the violent enforcement of an ideology… well… let me back track on that a bit, much of the same movement that incorporated the black shirts were also very supportive of eugenics and indeed the some of them were the founding members of the KKK…


The ANTIFA is far different from the others.The others are WANNABES. ANTIFA is out there to harass and intimidate those that differ with them and create division and diversion in society with help from the Liberal Press.


Just like the SA (Sturmablietung ) were the Nazi Party enforcers, ANTIFA has assumed the same role for Leftist Progressives.