Engaging a democrat on healthcare


Senator Bennetts response on healthcare today.

Blah, blah, blah.

This is why the conversation goes no where.

Clearly the democrats like the Republicans have no ideas, no answers.


Trump should talk to him about his vote for the straight repeal bill… at 2:14 he said “I think we should start from scratch”…


He talks a lot and never listens.

A straight party line vote.

He was elected by the cities in Colorado. A stellar guy who worked for Phil Anschutz. He was instrumental in the hostile take over of Regal Cinemas costing thousands of jobs while pocketing 20 million or so. Ran as a job creator.


People like him are always nailing Trump for the literal meaning of his words… Trump should call him on his comment… “you said that ACA was no good and that we should start from scratch… why who YOU put your name to this straight repeal bill if you are so 'bipartisan”…

I think that is really the only way to deal with democrats sometimes… make them stew in their very own words…


The answer:

I misspoke.