Entitled want it earn it or take it?


What do you think ?
Would our prisons still be full if America hadn’t shipped manufacturing to Communist China ?


Or if a weed that grows in the bar ditch wasn’t illegal!


If we are entitled to nothing, why is government still wasting tax dollars on those that chose not to contribute to society?


What do you think. 1 posted a thread about 6 billion, no I’m sorry, 6 TRILLION dollars that have been wasted, no, WASTED on gratuitous wars since 2001. The right NEVER cares about that. Death and destruction, nothing gained. But build schools, hospitals, day care centers, clinics, food banks, institutions for the mentally ill amongst us, OH HELL NO. We can’t do that! Fuck the alt right.


IOW, the BOD’s don’t care about lives, they care about trying to hang onto something that was stolen to begin with. These are the same people that think that when the mayflower landed they had found a new country, vacant, there’s for the taking. The same people that believed that manifest destiny was something that god had bestowed upon them because they were good, maybe white and pure. But now, it’s being taken away from them, and they are pissed, PISSED. Well, what goes around sometimes comes around.


What 1 see on this forum is mostly pissed of people (Trumps basket of deplorables) that hate that what they (their ancestors) stole, being taken back, and they just can’t stand it. Comes out in the most vial racist rants imaginable. What makes it even more painful is that that racist bigoted pig that they put in the White House has been impotent to push their agenda. No legislation signed, nothing repealed and nothing passed and suffocating under the weight of investigation his entire time in office because America hates him, he’s a looser with 36% job approval rating. The pig in Alabama is suffocating too, the racist statues are coming down, the walls not built, Hillary’s not locked up, but his people are being locked up, for all his promises that we were going to win so much we’d get sick of winning, lol. Mr. 36% is going to be primaried and the BOD’s will have to crawl back into thier holes.


Hey… I can’t and won’t speak for the owner of this forum but if you don’t like the people here… Don’t let the door slap you on the ass on the way out. You refuse to engage the hard questions because you have no ability to actually debate and quantify your own statements. You are a typical shitstirrer with no depth. You use the EXCUSE that various people disqualify themselves from you comment but the fact of the matter is, you don’t have the ability to engage most of the questions presented to you. If I am angry it is precisely because of people like you. If anyone is negative it is you… I knew all your ‘independent’ crap was a screen for being a leftist. That technique of attempting to draw the right to the ‘center’ is not a new one and your Fiscally Conservative BS is just that… Their isn’t one social program that you do not like… well thats not entirely true… they should all receive considerably more funding before you would really like them. And of course as far as defense goes… you could really give a damn about the constitution or for than matter this countries sovereignty as shows in a good many of your posts.

As the saying went some years ago and it applies, as far as I am concerned, to this forum as well as the USofA… ‘Love It or Leave It’

and if you can’t understand what I just said, indicate as such and I can bring it all down to a very simple two words.


No not escapism thru drug’s !
A way out of poverty and a leg up to the middle class with a good job !


What are you talking about ? Our make America Great President Trump has only been in office ten months and has started no gratuitous wars to date !


I don’t see or hear much hate coming from Deplorable s we won after all !
No all the hate I see and hear is coming from the left . All the riots and anti American demonstrations the left if firmly in charge ! Not to surprising the left is happily in bed with the Communist inspired Antifa !
So we the Deplorable s are not pissed !


What are you talking about? How do you think we have things like schools, roads, bridges, reservoirs, sewers, water treatment, mass transportation, etc? Those of us on the right contributed to paying for all of those things too. As a matter of fact, the entire highway system was put into place by President Eisenhower - a Republican.

Last time I checked, left-wing lunatics were the ones that dismantled the asylum system for the mentally disturbed in this country - then dumped all of the patients out on the street. Not only did the left deny care to those with mental diseases but they caused massive amounts of homelessness too.


I think you may be a closet racist ? Is this you coming out ?


Because government invented free trade !
Because government enabled the closing of factory’s in America and off shoring millions of jobs .
Because government enabled dumping from Europe Communist China crushing American companies .
Because congress has been corrupted and Americas working class has been discarded as a workforce and turned into hapless consumers .
Because it is cheaper to feed and house some then attempt to jail all !


You are truly an IPH.


Well sure, but the war on marijuana is dumb, surely you agree with that?


I’m a white dude who doesn’t hide from the reality of our genocide of the natives displaced.


Well you must have checked over at Breitbart, because that was Reagan’s doing.



My goodness what did they do before welfare???

I don’t recall the entire country collecting benefits from the government nor do I recall more people in prison.

On the serious side now American business has a neat competition for it’s own products. We transferred out technology, manufacturing to China and are mystified as to why there are so many knock off products that violate patent laws. Who would have thought.


Oh yes, he was a great guy, he’s the one that told us how many homes could be built in America for the cost of one bomber, and how many schools could be built for the cost of an aircraft carrier, etc. he wasn’t your typical republican.


I’m starting to think that you are no more than a Russian Bot… certainly anti-American…