Entitled want it earn it or take it?


Certainly has a number of facts that are unverifiable.


It’s called VOTES ! It’s all about CONTROL making them totally dependent just like the dems did during SLAVERY !!


I view marijuana as a gateway drug without any redeeming quality to justify the risk involved .


I have witness too many lives changed for the worst and family’s destroyed by taking that first hit .


You sound like a spoiled child mad at your parents .
If you had paid attention when you were taught world history you would know that from the beginning of time native people have been defeated displaced and absorbed into the winning society !


Well that’s typical of the anti science crowd.


And you sound like a pompous American who believes that god gave the United States to them to rid the place of its “savages”. And the balance of your posts exhibits that you excuse the Native American genocide as merely a dog eat dog world, some sort of survival of the fittest. This is what makes the hypocrisy so egregious as so many Americans masquerade as being the shinning City on a hill, the defender of democracy, and all as we go about in reality in sponsoring one coup after another and one regime change after another. We are now experiencing the consequences of this as a dying empire.


My goodness they were largely employed paying taxes and living the dream !
Congress shipped all their jobs to Communist China and when citizens found illegal ways to feed their families government introduced minimum maximum sentencing "For those with one of the required prior convictions, the penalty is a range between twice the minimum penalty for the crime the person stands convicted of, including twice any mandatory minimum sentence that applies, to a maximum of 40 years or twice the maximum penalty for the crime the person stands convicted of,"
And crime went down across the board !
Poverty went up .
An estimated 5.1% of all persons in the United States will be confined in a State or Federal prison during their
lifetime, if incarceration rates recorded in 1991 remain unchanged in the future. The lifetime chances of a person
going to prison are higher for men (9.0%) than for women (1.1%) and higher for blacks (16.2%) and Hispanics (9.4%) than for whites (2.5%). At current levels of incarceration a black male in the United States today has greater than a 1 in 4 chance of going to prison during his lifetime, while a Hispanic male has a 1 in 6 chance and a white male has a 1 in 23 chance of serving time.


You have absolutely no concept of history. As human beings we have consistently established tribes and went to war with other tribes for land, wealth, and power. The US was subjugated by British imperialists but somehow you gloss over that fact. If you are all pissed off about America seizing land from the “natives” (who weren’t native) then take it up with the British. We kicked them out…remember?


Actually, the mayflower was full of British. The main point to this is the hypocrisy. America proudly sets its self apart as the defender of democracy, while in deed, save the revolutionary war, all our wars have been incited and imperialistic.


America prior to the Revolution was entirely British as it was an overseas territory. What’s your point? The British, Dutch, and Spanish displaced your precious “natives” (again, they weren’t native either). If you want to complain about it, why not direct your complaints to the guilty parties?


No it was not. If you knew American history, you’d know that the puritans aboard the mayflower broke with Britain, abandoned their roots and ties and came to the “new world” to start afresh. The king just happened to follow with his oppression that they sought to escape. North America has NEVER been a British “territory”. :wink:


I said…prior to the Revolution.

I followed by stating…before that “America” was a commercial enterprise colonized by the English, Dutch, and Spanish.



Yes, my sarcasm does get the best of me.


Nope, Britain attempted colonization at James town prior to the arrival of the puritans on the mayflower and it failed. The puritans however actually succeeded in a independent grass roots enterprise completely divorced from britain. To be sure the crown followed and imposed many of the things that the puritans had fled to begin with. But again, you were wrong, North America was NEVER a British territory.

Oh, and lol, the Caribbean was colonized by the British, but 1 can’t believe that 1 have to explain the difference between North America and the Caribbean islands.