EU parliament tries to deprive Hungary of its right to vote - stopped by Poland


Due to Hungary’s immigration-critical attitude, a majority of the European Parliament recently voted to deprive the country of its right to vote. Poland, however, announced that it refused to agree to this and aims to prevent the EU from further action against Hungary.

Recently, a majority voted (448 for, 197 against) to activate Article 7 against Hungary, which means that the country may be deprived of its right to vote in parliament. This is said to be due to Hungary for an all-inclusive immigration-critical policy, and also to prevent George Soro’s organization from the Open Society Foundation and similar organizations from working in the country.

However, in order to deprive an EU Member State of its right to vote, 80 percent of Parliament votes for the proposal, and Poland announces that under no circumstances will the implementation of Article 7 be allowed.

Poland is deeply concerned about Wednesday’s decision in the European Parliament to support the implementation of Article 7 against Hungary. All countries have the right to make domestic policy reforms if they consider it necessary.Imposing sanctions on Member States only leads to even greater splits between EU members. Poland will vote against all possible penalties that may be imposed against Hungary, says Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz .

This is the second time the EU tries to use Article 7 to force obedience to Member States. Last time, Poland was exposed when the country cleaned up its communist media.

Poland to Veto EU Sanctions ‘in Solidarity with Hungarian People’


And the Swedish government pays tribute to the EU as a democracy stronghold. Anchored to the EU in the Constitution.

Representative democracy in Sweden represents the power of the dictatorship that wants to take all the influence of countries that do not appeal to Brussels’ “Kremlin” overall governance. It was the “democracy” Swedes voted for this year again, poorly misled and subjugated Swedes.

How does Poland and Hungary stand out to the EU? From being pushed around by the Soviets to being always punished by Soviets v2.0.

It’s a pity on (the good) people.


Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic won’t succumb to the EU immigration policy. It’s why they elected who they did. If they want to maintain that they’ll be exiting stage right. That will be the beginning of the end for the EU.


Just because Western Europe has fallen to migrants does not mean the east will follow. I’m glad to see Poland and Hungary locking arms and pushing back.


Hungary and Poland both sought to leave the soviet influence and become members of the EU and NATO. Hungary is the biggest beneficiary of EU money amongst the 28 nation EU block. Maybe they’ll loose their money and protections and fall under Russian influence. I can see how Putin would be loving these developments.


We can all take a page from Poland! Protect your land


They take the fight. If more countries showed little nerve, the EU could change into the pinnacle of freedom, instead of the new Soviet Union 2.0.

When the EU collapses, countries such as Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria and several other Balkan countries will have a future. The only future Sweden has to look forward to is undergoing global exploitation and a bloody civil war.


With the passage of Article 13, the EU just showed everyone…even their mindless leftist slaves…that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.