EU smacks internet in the face with link tax and upload filter laws


Like to hear your opinions! Is this good or bad?


The way to hell is paved with good* intention. The EU just wants to regulate content in the name of the goods of the content creators, just like the incident where “Pepe the frog” was somehow “hijacked” to be the face of the hacker that is 4chin.

They are hoping to prevent the second coming of such “symbol”, the leading face of “memetic welfare”. So yes, an outright over-killing legislative move to an imaginary threat.


The thing about Pepe, is that the author thinks along the lines of identity politics and misappropriating the word “racist” is being disingenuous when confronting this so called issue. What people call racist is no longer a proper representation or definition of what the literal meaning of the word is. Such as the case of living in a world of lefty "post Modernism where any word can mean anything!

On another note, Article 13 is troubling because now Government is stepping in at the behest of the tech giants to regulate content and free speech, while masking it with the explanation of protecting content origination.


Like I said, the EU wants to regulate contents. This has been the plan long in the making, under the pretension that it will be good for the content creators.

Below is another example of such, the privacy laws pushed out by the EU in may 2018 (remember the plethora of “Privacy Acknowledgement” emails?). Under the pretension of championing the good* of the user, that the EU now become the police of users’ online privacy. This means jack for tech giants such as Facebook and Google, since they can absorb the regulatory cost and temporary lost in ads avenues, but it spells disasters for smaller companies and startups trying to compete with these oligopolies, as well as setting up law office within their organization to make sure that they are “compliant” with these plethora of regulations, bc you really only need just one to bring the whole firm down.

This is just “net neutrality 2.0”. The name is suggestive (for example the “Affordable Care Act” and “Bureau of Consumer Protection” ), and the intention is there, but the practice is disastrous.


EU is preventing free speech and limiting democracy. Democracy is no friend of the EU. The EU can exert control on the TV and Papers, but it struggles with the Internet, and this is it’s first attack and not it’s last


I totally agree and I couldn’t have said better myself.

What is most interest to me in relation to the introduction of this new law is the “Google Tapes” Coincidence that these two are cycling in the news at the same time? Hmmm?


Got to do it quick before the public catches on. Remember Obama’s “ministry of truth”? Me neither

Oh and btw, this is one example of how the law is used to extort people




Well the good news is Google is facing an anti trust suit that was filed by Freedom Watch!

It will be interesting to see where this goes!


Well they did get slapped with a $5 billions fine by the EU