European women need to protect themselves


The use of pepper spray is becoming more common, but many women (and men) are complacent.
In the UK, pepper spray is illegal and cannot be purchased. Instead a small can of hair spray is useful. Also, at night, carry a high lumen LED flash light to blind your aggressor.


You know making your own pepper spray is the easiest thing you can do. If someone got caught with it, they can just claim they were going to be using it for cooking at a friend’s house. You only need a small container with a spray tip - which can be found at any grocery or home goods store.


Love to know how to make it - do have a recipe?


Yeah - it’s just whatever peppers you want, cayenne pepper, alcohol, and oil.


Bug spray is the most effective and can be purchased everywhere . The use of bug spray on these roaches seems so dam appropriate too !!! :wink:


What the hell are u all talking about!..u couldn’t ask for a better deterrent than hairspray. …

A can of Aquanet and a lighter and someone is gonna have a very bad day…:laughing:


With bug spray you don’t need a lighter , they will in the ER within 10 min . :laughing:


But they will still have their hair and eyebrows…:thinking::laughing:


European men need to stop being so afraid to protect their European women.


Masculinity has been stripped from their culture …


Fill a spray bottle with full strength ammonia…or undiluted bleach. Adjust the nozzle to shoot a pencil thin stream rather than a mist. Shoot the perps in the face. The ammonia trick will also work to ward off an angry dog. You can buy multi-purpose, hand pumped spray bottles at a good hardware store. The better ones have adjustable nozzles that go from mist to stream simply by turning the nozzle. I keep one full of water at my command center to mist myself when I get too hot…and to make my dog run get away from me while I eat, all I have to do is pick it up.

Better yet…carry a spray can of Lysol and a lighter. Hold the lighter just beyond and slightly under the tip. You now hold a blow torch. The best lighters to use are the propane lighters that put out a cone shaped, wind resistant flame about an inch long. The Lysol spray just amplifies the flame.