Everything Black Panther


There will be actual fun entertainment surrounding the movie release


They never miss an opportunity for gibs.


Just face it nazis. You’re all just jealous its the greatest sci-fi flick ever made. Look at the reviews and it hasn’t even been released yet.


Not even a free ticket would make me want to watch this black power propaganda.



How fitting black history month and one of the liberals finest group of anti-cop , anti-white , gun toting thugs around . Seem to be the favor of the month ! :roll_eyes: Is it any wonder the rating are high before it is even released ? :roll_eyes:


Why not a movie on how the Black Panthers stood outside polling places with broom handles to intimidate voters. Of course they were only providing " Security " for the polling places .


“Black Panther” is more than a film. It carries the hopes of the global African…

And all this time I thought it was just a movie/entertainment.



Are you ignorant? Its literally a cultural movement. Even its first negative review is a worth-while journalistic endeavor


And in the end, the movie goer, people who purchase videos are the final judge.

No matter how hard they try, you cannot camouflage garbage.


It’s time to avoid movie theaters for a while.


According to the press, the new Black Panther movie is breaking records, but it hasn’t broken any records. But, the lugenpresse is still claiming that it is:

Hopefully the movie doesn’t bring in much past this weekend. I doubt it will. But these they are trying to make it out as it’s the greatest movie of all time. And that Wakanda is what Africa would be if Europeans hadn’t colonized Africa.

I think this is what Africa would look like without European colonization.


What is Rhodesia aka Zimbabwe. Also, Liberia


My prediction: it pulls good sales during the extended holiday weekend and falls off a cliff after the Marvel comicbook fans and Wakanda true believers have seen it.


It’s not breaking any records, theater’s don’t take ebt cards.


Plus $150M advertising it. Theaters take 50% of the ticket sales. Do the math on how much money this turd needs to make to break even.

It’s one thing if they spend $20M on a Madea halloween movie, and it makes $75M. It’s totally another to expect a hardcore social engineering shitfest to make 10x that.


We need to embrace the idea that Nogs can have a wonderful country, all for themselves, in Africa. The more we can push this Big Lie into public-consciousness, the better.

Think about the benefits:

  • Nogs will want to leave

  • Liberal Whites will think they will be going to live in nog-paradise

We should then start pushing for US govt-grants to develop Liberia (using the fake Fed Reserve Notes) - using the average cost of a nog staying in our country, and multiplying by maybe 5 years of overhead. In the long term, we save a fortune, and in the short-term, we provide a huge financial magnet to draw the blacks home. Business loans for “black entrepreneurs” too.

Talk about “Win Win” - this is it. It would be a crying-shame to let this great black propaganda film’s “alt-right for nogs” meme go to waste.


I have been talking to the hacker named 4chan about this, to meme this alt-right film along with #blaxit


Here…a video on the impact of what Black Panther actually means.

All should watch.