Evidence Over Experience: Confronting Racial Supremacist Ideologies


The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “The most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” Given that there is no governmentally-forced integration (yet), this observation, borne out by the statistics—close to 95% of American churches in King's day had congregations that were at least 80% one distinct race or ethnicity, and the numbers have remained high: 93% in 1998, 92% in 2002, and at least 80% today (different sources conflict)—tells us that when left to their own devices, most people naturally self-segregate. A trip to just about any major city will confirm this as different areas and neighborhoods have a distinct racial or ethnic composition, and in leaving the cities and heading into the suburbs (though gentrification sometimes reverses the process), and certainly the country, you’ll notice an increasingly uniform population of whites. This is actually true with many Western countries. This is anecdotal evidence and would not be permissible in a court of law, but people have eyes and instincts. Finnish sociologist Tatu Vanhanen observed:

Interest conflicts between ethnic groups are inevitable because ethnic groups are genetic kinship groups and because the struggle for existence concerns the survival of our own genes through our own or our relatives’ descendants.

To prefer our own is perfectly natural, or as Vanhanen put it, “Ethnic nepotism belongs to human nature.” It ensures our continued survival. For one to not prefer their own, they would have to be either literally psychotic, or, in select cases, there is something called Williams Syndrome, which is a kind of mild mental retardation where healthy fear of the unknown and strangers, as well as social inhibition and racial preference, are all absent due to normal neural communications being disrupted. Why then the incessant drum-beat for one group and one group only to cast aside this preference for the genocidal embrace of “multi-culturalism”? We should’ve learned from the events of 376 AD at the latest that multi-culturalism is a bad idea. To quote Kevin MacDonald;

“White liberals…are deluding themselves about the attitudes of the non-Whites that they so eagerly embrace. Their liberalism won’t save them when push comes to shove.”

For Jared Taylor:

Americans therefore live a contradiction that makes it difficult to talk honestly about race. There is probably no other subject about which there is a greater divergence between what is said publicly and thought privately…At least that is true for whites…Blacks and Hispanics [openly reject] the civil-rights ideal of transcending race. For many minorities, race or ethnicity is central to their identity…Non-white racial/ethnic solidarity is an entrenched part of the political landscape, and the pressure tactics to which it gives rise have been very successful…[Whites] have dismantled and condemned their own racial identity in the expectation that others will do the same…They should…ponder the consequences of being the only group for whom [racial] identity is forbidden and who are permitted no aspirations as a group.

The government can obscure and re-classify races on the census and manipulate and doctor crime statistics, but it doesn’t change the fact that biology is the primary driver of culture. Sickle cell is not a social construct. Tay-Sachs is not a social construct. Given full self-determination, Liberia—which has a constitutional amendment barring whites from citizenship— did not become Wakanda. It became Liberia. Like Liberia, Haiti has had two hundred years with no white interference or help, and it has become a very close proxy for hell on earth. Ethiopia, master of its own destiny since the dawn of sedentary societies minus a five-year interregnum from 1936-1941, is no better off. So let’s stop with the fiction for once. The culture reflects the people.

When a black says they’re going to “educate you,” what you can expect is an endlessly self-referential polemic of microwaved post-colonial jargon heavily imbued with the “lived experience” of “blackness,” utterly devoid of quantitative reasoning or evidence of any kind. You may also encounter vague references to “trauma” and definite examples of slavery and Jim Crow, which they will never have experienced first-hand. Black culture is a dead-end. If we as whites are not nearly racially-conscious enough, blacks are the opposite, luxuriating in this “blackness” despite having contributed virtually nothing to civilization outside of the pop-cultural realm. If whites internalize and have high rates of suicidality, blacks externalize, with a toxic excess of self-esteem and an enactment of their frustrations on others.

Blacks account for about 13% of America’s population but commit 52.5% of its homicides and at least forty percent of other violent crimes. Blacks commit 85% of violent black-white interracial crimes (blacks are twenty-seven times more likely to attack whites than vice versa; Hispanics eight times more likely to attack whites than vice versa) and commit interracial aggravated assault over two hundred times more often than whites. Black males are fourteen times more likely than white males to commit homicide and are between seven to ten times more likely to commit a crime than whites. Over half of blacks convicted of rape in the last decade chose white victims. Even on college campuses, center of the one-in-four rape hysteria when in reality college campuses are statistically safer than the national average, blacks are grossly overrepresented. Consider the real rape culture on Baylor University’s campus or the fact that the University of Missouri football team, which is 65.3% percent black, commits sexual assaults at five times the rate of the general student population, which is 8% percent black.

Statistically speaking, a white woman dating a black man is about as bad a decision as it is possible to make: 92% of children from a white mother and black father are born out of wedlock, and 82% wind up on government assistance. As we know, single parenthood is the single greatest guarantor of inter-generational poverty. For that 8 % who get him to put a ring on it, you have this to look forward to: in black male-white female marriages, the white woman is 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by her spouse than if she had married a white man.

Evidence Over Experience: Confronting Racial Supremacist Ideologies

But, as Taleeb Starkes points out, if “a black person is killed by a white person (my note: which, as evidenced above, statistically happens far less often), the benefits for the deceased black person are seemingly limitless. They include:

  • Canonization with eternal recognition as a martyr.

  • Incessant comparisons to icons of the Civil Rights movement i.e. Emmet Till.

  • Front page news coverage, and despite criminal proclivities or rap sheet, benevolent-looking pictures will always be used to propagate the victimology narrative.

  • Marches and protests with customized slogan.

  • Foundation created with celebrity endorsements.

  • Birth parents and even step-parents will become celebrities (Mom may also get to speak at the United Nations).

  • Trademarked likeness (Note: This may cause family members to fight over rights).

  • Covered funeral expenses with the likelihood that a big shot from the Race Grievance Industry will deliver the eulogy.

  • The white perpetrator will be caricatured as a racist demon whose purpose was to snatch black lives.

  • The white perpetrator’s private information will be publicized on social networks with emphasis on vengeance.”

More blacks are killed by police per capita because they are in contact with the police far more often with their criminal overrepresentation! Always lamenting the predations on their communities, most blacks and browns never put two and two together—criminality isn’t a shapeless cloud that menaces the black ghettoes and the barrios, it is the young men whose fathers have abandoned them to roam free as feral thugs, looting and terrorizing their own communities, utterly unconcerned with general upkeep, steady employment, and social harmony. The high-fecundity blacks and browns have the lowest investment in parenting, so we have a situation similar to pack animals now, where the alpha cultivates what is essentially a harem, and the betas scrounge around the periphery of the pack, or are killed or exiled (probably to terrorize Europe). The decrease in pair-bonding leads to lower investment parenting and either single-parenthood or in the case of sharia-compliant marriages what is effectively single-parenthood as the men may have up to four wives and at least one sex slave.

Lower investment parenting and single parenthood lead to a whole host of elevated risk factors for criminality to psychological issues to dependence issues. Play this out a few generations, and the trends we are already seeing manifest themselves in ways wholly unconducive to the maintenance, let alone advancement, of civilization. It takes six Japanese women to reproduce what one woman from Niger is “accomplishing” with her womb. Neither is healthy. Over-population by high time preference people and under-population by low time preference people is going to lead to environmental degradation, lack of proper aquifer and reservoir maintenance, and eventual mass famine and starvation. The farms in Zimbabwe né Rhodesia plummeted to one-tenth of their productivity once they were seized from the white farmers, and the nation went from food-exporting to food-importing. We are witnessing a similar trend in South Africa. By the time you read this, there may well be no more running water in Cape Town.

Lothrop Stoddard wrote about the inevitable deterioration of a society under “The Lure of the Primitive” when its “life-line of civilization wore thinner and spurred to fiercer energy those waxing powers of barbarism and chaos.” What did Rhodesia and South Africa do that could’ve caused the present situation? What is much of the West rushing lemming-like off a cliff to do now? Ah, right: The enduring image of one dead child on a beach in Turkey as a result of irresponsible parenting has been enough to accelerate the flooding of the European continent with feral young black and brown men, but the horror stories of the native Europeans victimized by these people are swept away as nothing but collateral damage in the pursuit of DIVERSITY.

As whites, they are permitted no identity, and by extension, they are denied full personhood, especially if they are from the loathed lower classes. They have none of the mystique of the jungle primitive or the allure of the Orient, just bad teeth, a life on the dole, incomprehensible customs, and too many damn kids! Wait, is that the white lower class or the people the “elites” are importing? Remember, noticing is forbidden.

Forget everything you just read and get back in line, White Man. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

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J.Q.P just scored a Strike.
10 pins bite the dust.

Americans therefore live a contradiction that makes it difficult to talk honestly about race.

As an Aussie having conversed with many Americans living it large during the neoliberal era - now in the afterglow of the neoliberal era - I can’t say this is an incorrect observation. It’s clearly the truth.

This observation isn’t just true in the USA though. I’ve lived in the UK and Australia, and it’s quite the same in these two countries also. Difference is, in Australia, we have no #1A and can become embroiled in life destroying ‘hate crime’ litigation if we’re not careful; which is even more reason why Americans should start fighting off this cowardice, self censorship, and white knighting against the core demographic, before the exceptional #1A is history.

I’ll leave this particular 2017 CATO stat for people to ponder :
NOTE: Everyone hates whitey including whitey and apparently whites are the only racial demographic who give two shits about the US #1A

Race Realism Is Not Racism

What was the point of this article? I read it twice now and all that I can gather is that the author selectively uses statistics and white nationalist talking points as a dog whistle to get the white nationalists still in the closet to agree with them.

Couldn’t even utter the term “black person” when making a blanket generalization about an entire race. By this logic, Dr. Ben Carson or Allen West would give the author the same exact self-referential polemic of microwaved post-colonial jargon heavily imbued with the “lived experience” of “blackness,” utterly devoid of quantitative reasoning or evidence of any kind.

Here we go again. Not people. Just blacks and browns smushed in with a generalized comparison to pack animals. Also, note that the author does not define “brown” but has decided to lump all different people who are not white into the same group. Indian-American Sikhs look out - you are all bad parents who just roam around impregnating women like beasts and who don’t raise your children. No statistics or citations on that…but the author says so and you are brown and also not a person.

Oh! This article is about agricultural production in failed states and agricultural import preferences in current states. Interesting!

Oh nevermind - it’s now about white farmers in Africa. Is this what this article is about? We started with Dr. Martin Luther King and then some general observations about urban sprawl and gentrification. Then we went to Williams Syndrome (a serious disease - but the author selectively focused on the social aspect of it to prove a point that was never made). From there we went to some generalizations that people like being around people that look like them. Then we went to generalizations about Liberia and Ethiopia and a reference to the Black Panther film with zero context provided. Then we went to a generalization made about a “black” who speaks for all black people - who will never be called “people” or “persons” once by the author. Oh wait! Here come the crime statistics! With some comments about white women and blacks. From there it was blacks and browns on parenting. Some mentions of the Japanese. Hmm. Ok. Next of course, whites are “not allowed” to have an identity by some unnamed power. Oh wait…let me check. Yep, my J.Crew and Brooks Brothers catalogs came in the mail. Better shop before it’s not allowed by someone! Summer is coming after all. A racist rambling wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the Jews. Closed with a sarcastic call to action to the “white man” who must now forget all of the woke truth he has just received because someone is keeping him down.

Thanks for letting me think of a word I haven’t used in a while to describe this incoherent rambling…schlock.

Evidence Over Experience: Confronting Racial Supremacist Ideologies

This is true even within a single race.

When I was a Rotarian in my hometown, it came time for me to prepare and present our monthly lunch hour program.

I had noticed after a couple of years attending such meetings a propensity of the membership to segregate into cliques by regularly seating themselves at a single table, some even arriving early in order to procure the same table each month.

When came my day, my greeting at the door included a 3x5 card with a note as follows:

“For today’s meeting, please sit at the table number that appears on this card. If you have brought a guest, please feel free to sit together.”

Cards were sequentially numbered up to the number of tables available and then repeating. The purpose of this was to separate the clique members that often arrived in pairs or carloads.

My presentation opened with an explanation of my request and two questions:

How many of you are sitting at a table with at least one member whose name you would not have known had he not been wearing his name tag? (Almost all raised their hands.)

How many of you are willing to take a short break here and introduce yourself to those members? (Almost all did so.)

My short speech included my opinion that we often cheat ourselves out of possible beneficial acquaintance with others by innocently segregating ourselves into cliques.

My presentation was well received as evidenced by the thanks I got afterwards. Some were impressed by the content of it. More were thankful that it was short and sweet…we adjourned 10 minutes earlier than usual.

The natural formation of cliques occurs even in churches wherein the congregation is all of one race. Some within are visibly miffed to find their favorite pew occupied when they enter.

As a deacon in my large Baptist church in the '60s, I attended all of the business meetings held in the sanctuary. After years of being an all white church, our forward thinking, relatively new pastor made a motion that we open the doors to black people.

Oh, the uproar was instant. One of our dyed-in-the-wool rednecks stood up and said, “We don’t want niggers in our church!”. This was followed by heated debate regarding what Jesus would think of it.

The motion (and the conversations following) had already been entered in the church business records. Turmoil and posturing continued for a week or so.

Then a special business meeting was called. One of our wisest deacons who actually seconded the original motion (we operated by Robert’s Rules of Order) stood up and made a motion that consideration of the original motion be postponed indefinitely. This was seconded and approved.

For those who do not know, such a motion to postpone indefinitely consideration of a previous motion means that the previous motion is dead and cannot be reconsidered during that session. In our bylaws, such postponed motions and all arguments related thereto were removed from the church business record.

However, it being impossible to unring a bell, discussions of it continued for months among the congregation.

The church today is open to all races. Funny it is how things once unacceptable can find their way into being.


I’ll be the first to admit that I have my issues with people of other races who make every conversation about race. I guess now the same is true for people within my own race.

Personally, I think people of all races would do a lot better with less government. The reason that we have all of the problems today between the races is because of government. It seems to me that the root cause of all of our problems is too much government involvement in society, culture, and social interactions.

Shouldn’t we be focused on the root cause of the problem?


What a crock of shit.

Evidence Over Experience: Confronting Racial Supremacist Ideologies

I got a better title:

Selective Evidence With A Lack Of Experience: Confronting Racial Supremacist Ideologies With Racial Supremacist Ideology

Are these guys paid to give ammunition to the left?

We all know that we have a black crime problem in this country. It’s been this way for decades. As a group of people they’ve been completely dependent upon Democrats in exchange for votes. That’s how Democrats maintain control of urban areas. They promise handouts in exchange for votes - that leads to poverty and crime. I bet the person who wrote this has never actually sat down and talked with a black person who came to this realization because if they had they would realize that those black people are more pissed off about the government, and the left, than a lot of white folks who call themselves conservatives.

We don’t need material out there that justifies what the left says about us all being a bunch of racist gun toting rednecks. That does nothing for the cause. Nothing.

@Patriot you’d be smart to cut all ties with these people as fast as you can. Let them sink their own ship.


I agree… I don’t dislike that they post their clear supremacist stuff because as I have seen on the nationalist thread many people have significantly different reasoning for their views even if some of them ‘seem racist’… My problem is that as much as I like commenting on forums like this, my writing skills just aren’t up to the task of putting the truly racist individuals in an ideological corner that they can’t get out of…


@Scott - I think you are a great writer and I have always enjoyed reading your posts…even when I disagree with you and even when you get a little snarky.

But knowing some of the personalities who have commented on this thread so far I’m thrilled to see we at least all agree that unfiltered racist babble doesn’t do anyone any good. Just because they have the right to say something doesn’t mean they should. I’m also happy to see these comments published with the article.

It’s not that you don’t have the skills to box these people in. It’s that they take very complicated issues and boil them up to being about racial inferiority and racial supremacy. They have to mask their oversimplifications with overly complicated language to appear as intellectuals. They are not. If you tear at their argument they just respond with oversimplifications. They may even provide cherry picked data to support their claim. But as we all know, for every set of data used to support an argument there is another set of data available to counter it.

The fact is we all know racism when we see it.


@Dan Meeee snarky??? :wink: . I think that the problem most conservative whites have with subjects like this is that liberals wholesale scream ‘Alt Right… White Supremacist… etc’. This isn’t unlike the subjects of welfare where the right cares as much about people who truly need help while rejecting the liberal model that time after time creates a dependency class and getting the usual ear full of ‘hater’, bigot… etc… or the lefts lack of acknowledgement that government and the laws it creates has created far more of the racial problems in this country than society at large ever has… kind of goes along with the bending of the constitution. P.S… It would be good if you could tell ‘your’ hit and run friends to either stop posting or engage when people take time to respond to them… Now that wasn’t snarky… was it… :joy:


I actually agree with you. This shade of white doesn’t look good on anyone. It hasn’t been in style in a long time and for good reason.

Just because I’m a liberal doesn’t mean I’m blind. We need to focus on fixing crime and poverty in this country. We just disagree on how to do that. You see government as the problem and we see government as the solution. On this we couldn’t be more different but the majority of us who have been life-long liberals recognize the issues, the same as you. Like those on the right we have also experienced a large number of people who are very far to one end of the spectrum join our ranks. I don’t agree with their all or nothing approach because that’s not how life works. I’m sure the people on your side of the aisle who consider themselves to be Constitutionalists (or whatever you call yourselves) are struggling with people on the far right who are essentially white supremacists. Personally, I think it’s time that we start kicking people out of our respective tents. We both want the votes but not at this cost. It’s too much.

I’ll try but you should blame @Patriot for giving us a private section after the election. My friends will be angry with me for sharing that…but at the time it was refreshing. I have been trying to push everyone back out into the threads. Yes…we have a safe space. Guilty as charged. But you guys have the board…or at least you did :wink:


We are … we hired Trump… you just can’t see past the facade… I’ve invited people to identify all of the bad things that he has done as president and all I here is babbling noises… and people burning the house down because he was elected.

Lets get it on…


Why do you assume I have a lack of experience? I love when people make baseless assumptions like this, and besides, I’ve written other pieces about “fellow travelers” in the black community. The simple fact is, however, MOST blacks are at best estranged from the idea of “America” as whites understand it and do not share the same values. When I make a generalization it is implied that there are exceptions; I don’t like to insult others’ intelligence. I have more experience with blacks than the vast majority of other whites (I’m not getting into it other than that) and I get along with most of them just fine, because I am a race realist. They respect that. I speak the truth as I see it. Yes, this piece is harsh, but it is factually accurate.


There’s nothing racist about it, of course that depends on your definition of racist. It is a moving target. White-created Western civilization has a standard that different groups to different degrees value and meet. You can’t put me in an ideological corner because my position is far too nuanced. This piece is one brick among many. It is harsh, admittedly it might be overly-so in retrospect, but it is factually 100% accurate.


“They.” So do it then, prove me wrong. Prove that I’m a faux-intellectual.


Well I wouldn’t either… Blacks have never, even after the civil war seen a constitutionally protected right of equal justice under the law. This makes no excuse for some of their behavior but it is a fact that they have lived with. Only for a total of 35 years (one period of 25 and another of 10) have whites and blacks not been free to associate or disassociate with each other without some law segregating or integrating them. No culture will find common ground by force of law. And then we have the do-gooder liberals who in their infinite wisdom built tower blocks in the most economically and socially deprived areas of cities and expected something good to come out of it… Look to government for most of the racial tension that occurs in the US… could you imagine if it had actually been a black police chief and black cops in Ferguson policing their own neighborhoods… I suspect it would have resolved itself much different


Actually when you talk about white civilization and the incursions into your world made by those of other races and cultures, do not forget the German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English were not even known languages to the vast majority of the planet but through the barrel of a gun. I know… I know… we did those ungrateful heathens a favor… but as we can see, nation building in our image hasn’t gone well most of the time.


Well that transformation of the police force to look like the residents hasn’t done Baltimore any favors, let me tell you. Also, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was the first United States federal law to define citizenship and affirm that all citizens are equally protected by the law. I agree with some of what you are saying historically, but since the end of Jim Crow, left to their own devices, blacks’ standing in America has gotten worse. I argue this is due largely, though not exclusively, to biology.


This is something I am ambivalent about, because on the one hand (though you’re being satiric) we are better off for there being an America, Canada, Australia, etc than not. However, I advocate that ALL peoples have a right to self-determination. It is best that they all have separate homelands to pursue their destinies in. The discussion is of course more complicated for former colonies, and there’s much to discuss, but the Western ones are definitively so because they reflect the implicit white/Western character of their founding stock. If we could go back in time maybe modern people wouldn’t have done the same things, but we learn lessons from the past an we cannot change what has happened.


between 1866 and 1896 I would say that reconstruction had little to do in bettering the relationships between whites and blacks… far to many people died for that to happen over night. In 1896 the Supreme Court upheld Louisiana’s ‘Equal but Seperate’ laws making government mandated segregating the ability of all federal, state and local government… places all over the US took advantage of that law. It meant that citizens, based on race were not allowed to deal with each other as equals and while many blacks as well as whites enjoyed their own neighborhoods, blacks still had while law enforcement in their communities and white businesses, if they wanted to serve white and black customer were forced to build two separate facilities and of course, the black facilities were of are lower quality, in line with the revenue they took in.

The Supreme court came to its senses in 1952 with the Brown decision and for the first time in over 50 years, blacks and whites could once again deal with each other on their own terms. Blacks started protests and boycotts of businesses that would not serve them… most saw the value in their business, some didn’t and they all lived or died on their own merits. Some inequity with respect to things like voting still existed and Republicans attempted to address that with the 1957 civil rights act… LBJ being a political player saw that defeated… But democrats became increasingly worried as black unimployment and povery numbers tumbled and LBJ set a light under, in my humble opinion, the 1964 civil rights act

That law once again did away with free association in the US… Lester Maddox had a resturant that hired blacks but served only whites… He had to shut down and built a monument not to some racial hatred but to the end of property rights in the US. That law was passed by a hidous twist (yet another) of the US Constitution…

So no the US has not equally protected or treated blacks and whites the same but for a few short years since the civil war.


When you say ‘We’… some might take exception to that. I would like to take your comment and have you look at it from a slightly different perspective. A liberal who graces us with her presence from time to time started a thread about ‘why do republicans always vote to their own determent’ . This of course was suppose to point out that democrats offer them this benefit and that benefit and the republican platform offers none of that. I explained to here that I knew so many poor rural people who were quite happy with their less than city life existence. Families were quite happy to ice a couple of big watermelon, load the kids in the back of a pickup truck and go to the lake or a water hole for a day of swimming and picnics… were the watermelons were cut and everybody drenched themselves in ice cold watermelon juice while eating and jumped back in the water to wash off… Simple things like being left alone are why republicans, even poor ones vote the way they do…