Evidence Over Experience: Confronting Racial Supremacist Ideologies


Haha. Yeah, a little Freudian. You’re correct, it is Super Imperialism. Like I said, it’s a hit piece on neoliberalism rather than the concept of American Nationalism.

That is indeed a great book. I didn’t know he had released an updated version, but I’ll definitely be checking that out. The connections between the South and Central American drug trade and the CIA black budget funding is such an important topic, especially when discussing the 1) prison industrial complex, 2) heightened welfare dependency in the USA generated as fallout of the drug and crime epidemic caused by the CIA and other alphabet agencies working with chosen drug cartels. Perkins has done much to elucidate this fact, besides being an enjoying and easy to read author.


I haven’t actually read this yet, but I’m sure it’s a good read. I might order a copy because it does sound like a more specific tome regarding criticism of dominant economics gibberish. I couldn’t comment on whether it’s easier to read than the others.

America’s Protectionist Takeoff 1815-1914, however, is a must read for every American because it ties the history of America’s takeoff to the economic policies which were so different than that born in the post-Federal Reserve era. He poignantly concluded the date range in the title at 1914, the year the Federal Reserve Act became active.


To me the intersection point between ‘circumstance’ and the wet dream of those proud boys of Jekyll Island was Richard Milhous Nixon… Pure fiat was the endgame and we have transfered assets away from the people every since… (transfered being a nice word for … stripped)


Absolutely, but Kissinger and the Rockefeller’s were the key architects of all of this, Nixon seems to have just been a political prisoner trapped in a cage in the making since the Fed.Res.Act. Very sad state of affairs. The Kissinger visit to China in 1971 was a turning point that paved the way for Reagan to later do what he did with NAFTA and the ‘liberalization’ [selling out] of US economic sovereignty.


“hurr dudrr white ethnostate is gonna save west!” lol


I heard that your paradise is alive and well in Venezuela…


Are you familiar with the term “straw man”?