Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: Why hasn’t Facebook sued?


So, as I understand it:

  1. Facebook told Cambridge Analytica back in 2015 to delete the data it had improperly collected.

  2. Facebook claims it recently found out that Cambridge Analytica didn’t delete the data.

If those two things are true: why hasn’t Facebook sued Cambridge Analytica?

I feel like that would be a logical thing for a company like Facebook to do, and my admittedly very limited knowledge of this sort of thing suggests they would have a case - Cambridge Analytica has caused harm to Facebook’s reputation, maybe stolen its property, damaged its stock price… those all seem like the sorts of things that make companies file lawsuits.

So, why hasn’t Facebook sued?

Maybe there are simple and obvious explanations, but I kind of wonder if this isn’t an instance of the dog that didn’t bark in the nighttime - that the absence of a lawsuit points to more significant information not yet in the public domain.


My feeling is that Facebook has a “wink wink, nudge nudge” relationship with a lot of the companies that pay for access to a limited amount of data, but use that access to get data that Facebook users have not authorized for release. If that’s the case, suing Cambridge Analytica would bring that practice to light.


The point a lot of people dont get is that while FB didnt like what CA did with the data, it wasnt illegal, and technically it fell within their TOS. That TOS is/was very weak and allowed for this to go on with way more companies than any of us know about.


Bc by suing, FB also oust themselves, as similar practices had been done for Obama, and was praised by the media by and large. To pull CA is to pull every other app / advertisers / plugins that collect data from facebook users down. CA didnt violate any TOS, its just facebook distancing themselves from anything “Trump” and thus they are conjuring up these excuses to paint CA as a shady and improper agency.


Why don’t they ever see this angle?


Selective amnesia. And then some come back and play the revisionist historian. Zuckerbook is a for-profit company, and suing CA would sends a clear signal to to its true “customers” i.e. data miners that they too arent off the hook if the data youre collecting is of “political significance”, especially when Zuckerbook tries to save face.

But hey, “products” arent supposed to “think”.


I wonder if Cambridge Analytica has the same rights as Facebook…once they get data, it belongs to them.